Real Housewives Recap Week of 5.3.20

Vanderpump Rules | S8 E18

I cannot believe that Max admitted to Dayna that he still has feelings for her. And I actually believed everything he said. I feel so bad for Dayna especially because she just admitted that she wishes she met Brett before meeting Max. However, I do not think Brett is all that great. I think she should move on from both of them.

The music video… what… I mean I get it but I don’t think Scheana needed to choose someone she knows to be her partner. What an awkward situation to put yourself in by choosing your friend!! I get that she couldn’t afford to pay someone but come on.

What is up with Jax?! I mean I never really liked him even when he “chilled out.” But he’s awful. I think he’s so obsessed with being the center of attention and it really messes him up when people aren’t talking about him. I seriously will never understand how Brittany does it. She is a literal angel and I think she deserves so much better. 

The only interesting Jax has done in the last million years is admit that Sandoval and Ariana are an odd match. Sandoval is odd. Ariana is awesome. I don’t see them together forever because I really think Sandoval wants a family and Ariana has no interest in marriage or kids. 

My only wish for Kristen who I don’t care about at all is that she finds someone who loves her and treats her with respect. 

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | S10 E4

DORIT… AT THE RETREAT… BEING LATE… What the hell. I understand she planned on being late. But that doesn’t mean come in glam after having a photoshoot. I just think that’s rude. She should have just not went to the retreat at all. 

The retreat wasn’t at all what I expected. It seemed like a lot of eating. 

I don’t know how I feel about Rinna allowing Amelia to leave NYC. I wish my mom had forced me to stay at Temple. But my mom allowed me go home because she knew there was something wrong and I wasn’t myself. So I understand why Rinna wasn’t comfortable having Amelia that far away in the state of mind that she was in. 

The dinner party was interesting. I’m confused about the diamond ice sculpture yet they were serving pizza. I am also confused why Denise had the kids there??? She should have known better. It always gets wild with the women. The conversation makes me worry about Dorit and Kyle’s friendship. I’m totally cool if they’re not friends. Kyle is definitely closest to Dorit so no Kyle and Dorit could mean no Dorit which would be fantastic. Get her off my TV.

Kyle’s ragamuffin comment wasn’t her best moment. She should not have said that. Denise doesn’t dress like the other women and definitely doesn’t have the same lifestyle but she always looks cute and put together. 

Real Housewives of New York City | S12 E6

I love Sonja with the shoulder-length hair.

I never even talked about how awful Sonja’s fashion show was in last week’s episode. It was… messy. No music. No structure. And… no sales from it. 

I cannot believe Leah cried to Ramona of all people. I didn’t think we would see this emotion out of her so soon into the season. She seems so tough.

Elyse?? Is she a “friend” this season? I’m so confused. Did I miss something? She even had her own interview. She’s so blah. Her look is nothing like the other women but that’s not a good thing. Her hair is the EXACT same every time we see her. She’s like Marge with the pigtails in her first season of RHONJ and Tinsley with her hair in her first season. She not the most interesting “friend” we’ve been introduced to. I prefer Barbara.

LU DRINKING? We can all agree that she was never an alcoholic but to just randomly deicde to drink on a night where she’s co-hosting? I don’t think Elyse was being judgmental about it. I think she was being a cautious and looking out for a friend. Dorinda should have been doing the same thing. She should have been asking “Are you sure this is something you want to do?” instead of “The curse is lifted.”

I am wondering how soon we will see/hear about Scott now that Tinsley is single.


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