Hi, I’m Callie!

I am 27 years old and I am just riding the wave of life. Life has been strange lately and I feel like I’m doing everything wrong but hey, how does anyone know what’s right? While I am not questioning my life decisions, I spend my time reading books, watching reality TV (I’m a Housewives and Challenge junkie), ordering nachos everywhere I go, and making the most of my time here on this planet. This blog is my creative outlet and just a way for me to share what I’m thinking and feeling. I’m not big on talking about myself so this paragraph has been a challenge but thanks for stopping by and while you are here I hope you find your next book to read!


  1. You say you don’t enjoy talking about yourself but the premise of this blog begs to differ…maybe you’re able to learn a thing or two from a truly selfless co-worker of yours!


    1. Hi sir. Sorry about the confusion but I don’t have any SELFLESS coworkers named Marcus. However, I will definitely reach out to one selfish Marcus to learn how to be egotistical. Thanks for stopping by!


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