Hi! I’m Callie! I am 24 years old and just riding the wave of life. I was born and raised a Jersey girl but Connecticut has been home for almost a decade. I do not really like talking about myself (I know, ironic considering this is a blog all about me) so I asked a few friends to describe me in one sentence. Hopefully what they have to say gives you a better understanding of me. 

“Most likely to binge watch a series before anyone knows it exists.”

*Disclaimer: I would have never described myself in any of the ways below*

“Callie is inspiring, encouraging, hardworking, creative, and a person who is always willing to listen and give advice for any situation someone may be in.”

“Callie is someone who goes above and beyond for the people she cares about, doesn’t take life too seriously but always seems to have her life together, and always has a great CD playing in her car.”

“Callie is a strong, independent, beautiful friend who will always put a smile on your face no matter what she is going through.”

I’m in a weird spot in my life where I’m still living at home with barely a social life. I don’t get out much and I don’t have many friends. I’m just chilling but I’m also not trying to waste my twenties. I have a fear that I’ll look back in ten years and be like “Wtf, why didn’t I have more fun?” So this is the year of taking chances, being more adventurous, and making questionable decisions!

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