Accutane update: Three months down

I took these pictures on September 9th, right around my three month mark of being on Accutane. As you can see, my skin hasn't improved much. I still have new breakouts and the redness is pretty bad. However, in the beginning of July, my skin (pictured below) was the worst I had ever seen it … Continue reading Accutane update: Three months down

Beautifully abandoned

While everyone is ignoring abandoned homes and buildings, I am usually adoring them. My fascination with them started with this one little deserted house on Evesham Road in Runnemede, New Jersey. We would drive by it every time we went to my cousins' house and I remember thinking I wanted to have my birthday party there … Continue reading Beautifully abandoned

Summer 2018 Book Reviews

My goal every summer is to read at least ten books! Check out what I read/listened to this summer... Title: Little Fires Everywhere Author: Celeste Ng Format: Physical book Personal rating: 6/10 Comments:  I read this for Bad Bitch Book Club. I didn't love it. At all. In fact, if it wasn't for book club, … Continue reading Summer 2018 Book Reviews

Thoughts while visiting Jersey after being gone for so long…

It has been almost nine years since we moved from Jersey to Connecticut. I visited twice this summer and tried to be very aware of my thoughts on my home state... Wow these roads are terrible. Where is all the tax money going? Omg these accents are hilarious. I cannot believe I ever sounded like … Continue reading Thoughts while visiting Jersey after being gone for so long…

Audiobooks: A game changer

Okay so I'm probably super late to the game but wow, I am totally hooked on audiobooks. I have always been the type of person who needs the physical book in my hands. I can't read a book on a tablet or a kindle or on my phone. I cannot stand reading on a screen. … Continue reading Audiobooks: A game changer

Thank you Burlington, with all my Hart

Dear Burlington, Thank you for giving me a life half in Bristol and half in Burlington. Thank you for showing me the small town lifestyle. Thank you for giving me the best neighborhood in the entire town. Thank you for making me appreciate silence, privacy, space, and darkness (considering we don't have street lights). Thank … Continue reading Thank you Burlington, with all my Hart