Accutane update: Three months down

I took these pictures on September 9th, right around my three month mark of being on Accutane. As you can see, my skin hasn't improved much. I still have new breakouts and the redness is pretty bad. However, in the beginning of July, my skin (pictured below) was the worst I had ever seen it … Continue reading Accutane update: Three months down

It’s just hair…

I am someone who constantly craves change. I am always changing little things in my life (like my phone background or the arrangement of furniture in my room) just to satisfy that craving. Even the simplest of changes are refreshing to me. The one thing I love changing is my hair. When it is short, … Continue reading It’s just hair…

Let’s play “What’s in my purse?”

I'm always the friend with the biggest purse; the bigger the better. Most of my friends carry just a small wallet or a small cross-body bag so with my tote, I usually have the biggest purse in the group. Because it is so large, people always ask "What the heck is in there?" or "How … Continue reading Let’s play “What’s in my purse?”

This nail trend is MARBelous

Marble nails are trending all over social media so I decided to give them a try using two basic Essie colors, a small nail brush, and pure acetone. Step 1: After applying my all-in-one Essie base coat, I painted my nails with two coats of either Essie Blanc or Essie Licorice. I didn't want to do all … Continue reading This nail trend is MARBelous

Essie holiday nail-spiration

#PlayingKoi is in my top three favorite shades of Essie ever. It is the perfect burnt orange color that reminds me of crisp air, crunchy leaves, and carving pumpkins. I find myself wearing it for almost all of the fall months every year. #SocialLights is one of the colors in the new Essie winter 2017 … Continue reading Essie holiday nail-spiration

I ain’t Matte about this Essie top coat

I had been trying to find matte nail polish everywhere until I realized that my fav brand, Essie, makes an awesome matte top coat! It is a genius idea because now any of my polishes can become matte with just a simple top coat. Specifically, I had been trying to find a black matte polish … Continue reading I ain’t Matte about this Essie top coat