Accutane update: I’m a graduate!!

On Tuesday I finished my final dose of Accutane and to say I am relieved is an enormous understatement! Hearing my doctor say “You’ve graduated!” was AWESOME.

Not only am I so grateful the journey is over, I’m so happy with the results!

After the thousands and thousands of dollars spent, a dozen of Dr. Dan’s used, and constant back pain for three months, I am officially acne-free! All of the money, chapstick, and pain later, I can admit it was all worth it.

My skin looks and feels amazing. I have never been so satisfied with my skin. Washing my face and not feeling any bumps is something I never imagined. It doesn’t feel like these results are pretty much permanent (hopefully).

Yes, there were several times during this process when I really thought my skin wasn’t going to get any better. I was unconvinced and annoyed with the slow progress. But I was just being impatient and anxious. This is everyone’s chance to say: “I told you so.”

Despite my silky skin, I was really worried about my scarring so I asked my doctor about it. She said that they’re not scars; it’s just discoloration and that it will all go away with time! I was so happy to hear this because the last thing I wanted was permanent reminders of my once-awful skin.

As for my dryness, my doctor said that over the next month my chapped lips and patchy skin will subside. I’m really hoping my skin doesn’t go back to being super oily. I’m also hoping my hair never goes back to being greasy after a day – but I don’t know how likely that is. Either way, I’d rather have oily, clear skin than oily, problematic skin!

For as long as I can remember, my skin felt like the Rocky Mountains and now it’s as smooth as the sand of Bora Bora. I’m thrilled to finally feel comfortable wearing less makeup. I’m also pumped about throwing away all of the face washes I’ve tried over the years. Just yesterday, I threw away blackhead removal strips, a grapefruit scrub, a blackhead scrub, and a St. Ive’s something or other. All of these products were highly recommended and positively reviewed but did absolutely nothing for me. Even all of the oral and topical medications I’ve ever tried – they were a waste of time and money. I’m excited to waste less time and less money. I plan on sticking to Cetaphil for my cleanser AND my moisturizer. I want to keep it simple and consistent!

I’ve gotten so much support and positive reassurance during this journey that I’m so grateful for! If you haven’t been following my process, be sure to check out my initial post, my three-month progress, and my five-month progress.

I would seriously recommend Accutane to anyone who suffers from severe acne. Don’t let your acne control your life and your self-esteem. Clear skin is possible!


  1. I have 1 more month left of accutane and I can totally relate to the feeling of will this ever get better is it actually going to be permanent. I keep reminding myself these chapped lips will only last for one month longer and I can’t wait! The best thing besides having clear skin is the fact that my hair doesn’t get greasy 12 hours after I wash it! Thank you for writing this!!!


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