Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 11/25/18

I missed RHOC this week…

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jennifer is awful. She better not come back for next season. Soooo pretentious. I cannot believe she is insulting Polly’s home.

Showing these cows is such a cool experience for these Jersey girls.

Aw Jackie won the show! I like her a lot.

Margaret has grown a lot on me.

It’s gross that Jennifer has to ask permission from her husband to have friends over.

Oh god I’m scared for the impending Joe/Teresa conversation.

Jennifer isn’t allowed to learn a traditional Oklahoma dance? Shocking.

It’s awesome that Joe invited Melissa’s mom to hang out too.

Bbq food cliche in Oklahoma? RUDE JENNIFER RUDE.

I wish Dolores would take out her extensions.

Holy damn Jennifer. Now you’re insulting Polly to her face. Omg how uncomfortable and rude.


And now she’s bitching about the music. Holy wow I wanna hit her. Her manners are terrible.

I’d be embarrassed too if I was Margaret.


I’m glad Polly can laugh about it.

If she’s the way she is and she has five kids, imagine how they’re gonna be. Wow.

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