It’s just hair…

I am someone who constantly craves change. I am always changing little things in my life (like my phone background or the arrangement of furniture in my room) just to satisfy that craving. Even the simplest of changes are refreshing to me.

The one thing I love changing is my hair. When it is short, I want it longer. When it is long, I want it shorter. When it is light, I want it darker. When it is dark, I want it lighter. I’ve had bang phases, permed phases (don’t judge me), layered phases, one-length phases, braided phases, etc. I just get so bored with my hair so easily that I usually change it after a few months. Although I have never done anything too drastic, even a simple trim that goes unnoticed goes a long way in my “change” book.

I cut and lightened my hair back in January. I love the color and I even plan to go lighter. But yesterday, I decided I was over how “long” it was and decided to chop off about three inches. There is nothing more refreshing than a fresh haircut! So many girls I know are so afraid to cut their hair or change the way it looks. For me, I think because I love change so much, cutting my hair is no big deal. It’s just hair! The way I look at it is: it always grows back. That’s the best thing about hair… if you get it cut in a way that you don’t really love, it is guaranteed to grow back and you will be able to start over however you want.

I have definitely had a few cuts that I didn’t love but I have noticed that the more I get my hair trimmed, the quicker it grows, and the faster I get it back to a comfortable length. Not only is a good cut good for the soul, it is also necessary for healthy hair. Maintaining split ends and stopping them from splitting further is a must if you want your hair to be healthy enough to grow at a quicker pace. I prefer to get at least a trim every six to eight weeks to keep my hair healthy but then again I’m no hair expert.


A good haircut or hairstyle change is so liberating! I’m beginning a new chapter of my life and I feel like the three inches I cut off are symbolic of all of the crap I don’t want to take with me on this new journey.

I highly recommend a haircut if you are craving change or just have the urge to do something different. It’s just hair! And if you don’t love your new ‘do… the good news is it always grows back.

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