Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 4/1/18

Vanderpump Rules


James and his little thumb drive… what a narcissist. He is pretty talented though. I’d totally want him to DJ my party or at club with my friends.

Kristen and James getting along right now is freaky.

Hahah Jax investigating right now. I haven’t laughed at him in a good way in a minute.

Thank you Lala for saying everything we are thinking: Scheana is still pretending and we can all see right through it.

You can see the jealousy all over Scheana’s face about Lala getting so much attention from her “man.”

The guys golfing right now… I would have done anything to have been there to witness this.


Wait, did James admit it? Did I miss something?

If I was Katie or Stassi, I would question Kristen too.

Ugh the guys are twisting James’ words! Obviously it is totally believable that James and Kristen hooked up but James definitely did not admit it.

Sandoval looks like a Flinstone.

I feel so bad for James right now!

Krazy Kristen is back!!!! We haven’t seen her in a while but she hasn’t left.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Poor Axel.

What is up with LVP’s hair…

Dorit’s hair actually looks super cute.

Holy moley both groups right now are so needy! Eat your eggs, drink your lattes, and be grateful.

I think it’s really cool that Erika was so thoughtful and incorporated riding into the trip so Teddi could be in her element.

Kyle on this pony right now hahhahahahahahhahahaa.

LVP’s hat umm.

Erika is so GLAMOROUS.

Rinna’s outfit is killer. Love it.

Agreed, Teddi. Dorit and LVP are hypocrites.

Idk why they’re still talking about the beach house.

Oh now we’re talking about the panties?!!? Dorit stop going backwards.

LVP never sticks up for Kyle. EVER.

Rinna loves her cheetah print.

I love that all the girls are sticking up for Kyle right now on the bus to Dorit. Amazing. True freakin friends and I love it.

The wall is incredible.

This restaurant is so cool! The best part about traveling is embracing the local culture.

Seriously this looks like so much fun!!!

Proud of them for eating carbs and drinking beer.

Real Housewives of New York City

My big apple babes are back!! Last season: I didn’t love newbie Tinsley. Ramona was annoying. Lu was in la la land. Carole, Bethenny, and Dorinda were cool. I don’t even remember how I felt about Sonja.

Bethenny is one of my fav housewives ever. She is a freakin saint and all of her work with the hurricane relief is incredible.

It makes me sad that Carole isn’t at this event… Her and Bethenny better still be friends…

Glad Lu is out of her denial and divorced that weirdo.

Why does Tinsley look the same every single day? Her stupid “curly” hair is so pre-teen. She’s gorgeous, don’t get me wrong. But I just wish she would change up her look and actually dress her age.

Omg her hair is straight! It looks awesome.

Carole!!! I love Carole. Idk if I love the blonde but I love her hair short.

Oh no Carole and Adam broke up 😦 glad they’re still “getting coffee.”

Omg good for Sonja for cleansing in Costa Rica.

I love that Carole is training to run the Marathon!! I can’t believe she is 54.

Dorinda cracks me up. I love her Gaga costume.

Tinsley doesn’t even look like she’s in a costume. She would wear that on a Tuesday.

Wait, I’m confused why Sonja is distancing herself.

Holy crap Ramona is KILLIN the Britney game. She looks fabulous.

Hahha you can totally tell when Dorinda is drunk because she cannot speak.

Typical Sonja chatting to the press.

I love how much Carole doesn’t care to be like everyone else.

Dorinda omggggggggg slurring.

Lu just cannot handle not getting attention so that is the real reason she is mad at Carole.

Why are Barbie and Britney fighting!!! Chill ppl. Ramona you don’t like to be educated… you like to be right.


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