Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 3/18/18

Vanderpump Rules

Jax telling Brittany his reiki coach’s visit is the highlight of his week? Ummm.

Hahah and he’s making the place spotless for her? Hmm..

Ugh Brittany why are you in this relationship!!!

Brittany is nuts for rewarding him with a trip to Mexico.

Everyone is going?!? Oh boy.

Brittany is hot.

Jax should move to Miami? Tampa? and Brittany should stay in LA.

“We gotta grow up” – Jax “Why would you say that?” – Schwartz HAHAHAHAH

Jax not knowing what Brittany wants to do with her life??? What a dumb dumb.

What a lame episode. Just an episode proving Jax is an ass.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I don’t like that Teddi and Erika aren’t getting along.

Rinna’s mom does not look 89 at all!

Dorit, please stop talking.

I miss eating outside. I am so excited for that.

Lois is so cute!!

Teddi don’t sit there!

I really love Dorit’s lip color.

John Lennon? That’s a stretch.

Idk if I’m buying this medium.

Okay maybe this story about Teddi’s friend is kinda believable…

Yay Erika apologized!

Another lame episode… what a lame week for Real Housewives.

Real talk next week better be better.


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