Real Housewives Real Talk Week of 3/25/18

Quote of the Week:

“You don’t have to get involved in a situation you can’t fix.” – Lisa Rinna

Vanderpump Rules

I’m still not over that James was invited to Mexico. Him and Jax have come a long way.

I wish Ariana would hang with the girls more. Lala is…

Lala drinking out of a bottle? A wee bit strange.

Sandoval is such a baby sometimes.

Does the face of the woman on Jax’s arm not look just like Stassi?

“Hockey is my passion.” SINCE WHEN, JAX?!

James James James… stirring the pot.

LVP looks so sophisticated in her black turtleneck with her hair back. Love it.

Blahhhhhhhhhhh Scheana shut up.

This whole Adam thing is stupid.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

It’s so cool that Erika is in Kim’s game.

Edwin and Teddi are cute.

Dorit please be quiet. LVP is telling you not to talk about it yet you keep talking about it.

Not over Dorit changing the name of her swimwear line just because PK told her to.

It’s amazing all of the work LVP does for the dogs. It is so important that she uses her platform in such positive ways.

I love how Rinna laughs in all her interviews. It’s amazing.

“I got violently ill.” – in her stupid accent. YOU’RE FROM CONNECTICUT, DORIT.

Hahaha I love when Dorit messes up.

Dorit go home.

Seriously, LVP… this Nanny Kay thing is not a big deal.


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