Bach Chats 5/28/18

I AM SO EXCITED FOR BECCA!!! There is no other girl from last season who I would have wanted to see as The Bachelorette. She deserves it completely. We already know she’s engaged so that makes me even happier. Ugh Arie was the WORST and I cannot wait until she ends up happier than Arie and Lauren.

I cannot imagine going through what she went through. She’s been way too cool for Arie since day 1 so I’m excited to see her find someone more suited for her coolness.

Omg I am loving this little girl chat!! Ugh I love Jojo. All of their first impression roses/first kisses were the guys that they’re engaged to. That is wild!!!

Ew can we please stop talking about Arie? Is Arie even a real word?

Garrett seems super goofy but super handsome and I’m all about that.

Jordan is way too pretty.

Joe is cute. Except his accent sounds New York, not Chicago.

Jean Blanc’s cologne obsession is a little odd.

Colton is a cutie and I love me a football player. Omg and he started a charity?

I love Becca’s dress wow.

Best entrances:

Colton – the poppers were such a cute idea!

Garrett – the stocked minivan is silly but I love it

Blake – first the horse, now the ox!

Chris – love the choir!

David – I actually love the chicken suit. I’ve loved a good costume ever since Alexis and her shark/dolphin

Worst entrances:

Jordan – wtf why did you hesitate? “I’m already having a great time.” Tap shoes sound like the heartbeat of a gentleman? Turn around and go home plz.

Mike – bringing a cardboard cutout of her ex? Bad idea and totally weird

Kamil – 60/40… You crazy

Trent – showing up in a hearse is…morbid

Favs so far:

Connor – he’s a cutie and stole her first

Blake – they click!!! and I love his pink suit

Colton – his nonprofit pulls at my heartstrings

Garrett – he might be my absolute fav

Least favs so far:

Jordan – ew he reminds me of that annoying guy Luke, I think, from Jojo’s season who kept fighting with that other annoying guy who kept saying “wha-bam” or whatever

First impression rose:

OMG IF SHE GIVES IT TO GARRETT I WILL BE SO HAPPY. DID I NOT JUST WRITE THAT HE MIGHT BE MY FAV SO FAR?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? *insert millions of heart-eyed emojis*

YES I AM SO HAPPY THIS IS AWESOME. Minivan for the win.


Everyone else can go home.

Rose ceremony reactions:

Lincoln – interesting second rose pick but I’m cool with it

Blake – YAAAAS

Ricky – I don’t remember him

Jean Blanc – eh

The globetrotter – Idk how to spell his name but I like him

Clay – expected

Connor – I’m bout it

Jason – was he the racecar driver suit guy?

John? – interesting

Ryan – I don’t remember him at all

Alex – I like him and his tie

Nick – don’t remember him either

Trent – hearse guy? ehhhh

Colton – YAYYYYYY!!!!

what about Chris?????

David – yay! the chicken suit paid off

Jordan – VOM. I’m sure they’re just keeping him around because it makes for good TV

Leo – I’m interested to see who he is

Mike – I like his man bun

Chris R – I like him even though it’s a little weird that he ratted the other guy out

Awww Joe is leaving! I liked him. She sent the 60/40 guy home. Very smart. The other guys I don’t even remember so that’s good. I wish Joe stayed 😦 I wonder if Becca sent Chase home because of the text message.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS SEASON!!! #TeamGarrett also #TeamColton and #TeamBlake. They are my top three so far.


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