Bach Chats 6/4/18

Chicken guy is actually so cute!

Blake is hot.

Lincoln is hot.

Rachel and Bryan!! I love Rachel!!

This is like the first group date on Rachel’s season with Ashton and Mila.

Jordan better go home this episode.

Not cool if Lincoln cheated.

The vase falling over is karma!!

I like David a lot.

Lincoln used his hands what the heck!!!

Connor is hot.

Lincoln is a little extra. He didn’t need to showoff the picture.

Blake is getting the first one-on-one!!

Connor definitely did NOT have to throw it in the pool… Totally rude.

Omg is she about to send Connor home…

He should’ve apologized.

Aww, I’m cool with Jean getting the rose. I’m glad Lincoln didn’t get it.

Idk how I feel about Lincoln crying. It’s just a picture. I think production can give you a new one.

This is such an awesome first date! I’m so glad she picked Blake.

LOVING BLAKE. Obvi he got the rose.

Haha these kids are awesome! “You guys are turtles!” “You think Becca wants trash?!”

Still loving Garrett too..

Wills is cool but he doesn’t make eye contact with the camera which is odd.

Colton dated TIA?! Girl code.

I knew Wills would get the rose. I also think she’s going to send Colton home.

Smooth, Clay. You could tell he was so nervous but still cute.

Aw, I love that Connor had Becca throw his picture in the pool. I think he redeemed himself.

Jordan is so gross. He is taking “cocktail” party a little too seriously.

Rose ceremony reactions:

Chris R. – ehh

Jason – he didn’t even get a date! I’m shocked

John – I don’t remember him

Clay – not surprised

Long haired guy who isn’t Leo – I’m surprised because he didn’t get a date either

Connor – yay! I’m glad she is giving him another chance

Leo – I’m about it

David – yay!


Nick – ehh

Ryan? – who?

Earrings guy – ehh


Lincoln – not surprised

Colton – yay! It is weird that he dated Tia but he deserves a chance

The three guys who went home… I didn’t even recognize.

Favs so far:

Blake, Connor, David, and Garrett

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