Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 2.17.19

Vanderpump Rules

Jax wondering why James keeps getting chances? HAHA. He could ask the same thing about himself.

Wine tasting in the toy shop? Cute.

Ugh Jax is being rude. Rude. Rude.

Why does Kristen care so much about James? How does it affect her?! She’s for real gonna let that ruin her whole night?

Maybe Kristen just has a drinking problem.

Scheana can’t just tell everyone that her and Adam hooked up and then keep it from Katie and Stassi.

Oh no. Now she’s crying.

I like Scheana with short hair.

Scheana never should have said those things. I like that the girls are going to give her a chance.

I kinda enjoy that James was invited to boys’ night.

I feel like Tom shouldn’t be buying girls shots.

Yaas Beau!!! Beau is the smart one.

Jax is sweating because he knows he’s still capable of cheating.

This suite is wild.

Schwartz makes me laugh. I love him.

Jax is literally so nervous. He’s biting his nails.

Kristen is waaaaasted.

Idk how Carter deals with her.

Katie is nosey.

Scheana is right – if you trust your man, what’s the problem?

Damn, Carter is BUSTED.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle is HOT.

LVP can be fun sometimes.

I wanna be BFFs with Rinna.

“I think we have a house in Tahoe.” – Erika. HAHHAAH. How Girardi of her.

I wanna go to the Bahamas.

4,000 square feet is modest.

Aaron seems cool.

Aw Charlie!!!

I like that Dorit wants to move forward with Teddi.

I ❤ that Teddi and Rinna are close.

I’m so glad Kyle cut her hair. She’s gonna lose it when Portia leaves.

Ugh I love Mauricio.

I never knew Amelia was sick. That’s so scary.

Rinna is always wearing animal print and I love it. Wow Camille just took the words right out of my mouth.

Giggy is still kicking.

Wait…. so that’s so funny that Rinna and Richards have Nicolette Sheridan in common.

Erika’s stylists kill me.

I’m a wee bit nervou about this trip.

So many PJs in Beverly Hills.

Wtf LVP is being so rude to Dorit.

LVP was the one who seemed to really wanna squash the dog thing so I’m confused.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

I cannot believe it’s the reunion already.

It’s crazy that Joe is gonna be deported.

I saw online the other day that Teresa was spotted out with a much younger man.

Who knew that Dolores has had so much work done!

Omg another Oklahoma comment geeeeeez.

Jennifer sucks.

Dolores is awesome.

Interesting that Frank is building a house for David but Dolores wants an apartment.

I don’t understand Dolores’ issue with Melissa. I think they could be BFFs.

I don’t like Teresa’s hair.

Ew Jennifer. Jackie, Melissa, and Marge have their own opinions.

I cannot stand Jennifer.

Teresa absolutely should’ve said something about the necklace in the moment.

Didn’t know it was real jewelry? Why would they get Teresa fake jewelry?

Umm you are trying to brag, Jennifer. YOU ARE A ONE-UPPER.

Ew Teresa just dismissed Andy.

I give Melissa props for dealing with Teresa.

Ew Teresa is grumpy.

I’d rather be friends with Jackie than Teresa.

Omg wtf Jackie didn’t have an agenda!

Omg it’s literally couch vs couch.

This is exhausting.

Idk where Teresa’s ego came from wtf.

Teresa is on some shit wtf.

Ew this is gross. Gross. Gross.


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