Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 3.18.19

Vanderpump Rules

Hahahah 40 clever thoughts for one page. Stassi is awesome. I love Beau Stassi. And Writer Stassi.

It’s cute that Scheana is extending an olive branch to the girls.

Kristen’s pants are so cute. I wish I was tall enough to wear cute pants like that.

Aw I love adult conversations.

Ugh I wanna like Raquel. I can’t do it though. Not yet.

No Kristen noooooooo.

I understand how Kristen is frustrated because LVP gave Stassi another chance. But Stassi has matured.

Omg Brittany is going to be able to drink or have spicy food in Mexico?? That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard.

I didn’t know Ariana lost her dad too.

“Road raging through life.” Sound about right.

It’s nice to see Scheana dressed classy.

Lala is def on some road rage shit but I don’t like Billie. At all.

Geeez Lala.

I can’t wait to have a Tom Tom cocktail.

Lala literally pulled a Kristen by making a scene in Sur.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Hoping the dog thing gets squashed this ep.

Dorit’s body is INSANE.

Diamonds & Rose. Amazing.

I respect that Denise wants to make her own judgment about LVP. But LVP loves fresh meat. She does whatever she can to get them on her side. I think Denise is smart though.

Wtf is up with the wave on Erika’s head.

Tbt to Eden. She was awful.

Camille is spot-on about Dorit. A little phony since she just said all of those nice things. But Dorit’s fake accent is unexplainable. SHE’S FROM CONNECTICUT.

I feel bad for Teddi. I think it’s huge that she decided not to go through with the plan.

Denise really loves her man’s…package.

I wonder if it bothers Erika that she shows up to every event solo.

I guess Rinna does too. Harry’s appearances are rare.

Teddi is awesome. She is owning up to all of it. She’s a real one.

Shocking that LVP was the one checking in Teddi last year. During her first season. When she was new.


Kyle loves margs. I love margs. I love Kyle.

I think I’ve said this before but Camille’s fiance, David, looks like David Foster.

Kyle is so drunk I love it.

I don’t think friendships will ever be the same.

Real Housewives of New York City

Ramona loves going places she isn’t invited.

Barbara isn’t your type of girl but you wouldn’t miss her clam bake..that you weren’t invited to…

Sonja wtf is with your hair.

Aw I didn’t know Dennis proposed.

Ugh Ramona is the worst.

RAMONA STOP. What is she even saying??

I love this Tinsley. The chill Tins.

Ramona doesn’t want to talk to Lu or Bethenny? Why even come?!

OMG SO RUDE!! Taking to-go boxes for a second meal later in the day?! That’s awful omg.

Ew this is all so awkward.

Lu is also being pathetic.

HAHAH Bethenny mocking Ramona. Spot freakin on.

I’m so excited for warm weather.

Why is Ramona even talking about Lu’s sobriety? What does that even have to do with her?

Lu and Dorinda need to talk. They don’t have to be friends but they have to talk.

17 cabaret shows? Interesting.

All of Bethenny’s relief efforts are so admirable.

Dorinda totally heckled Lu. Totally 100%.

I think Paper’s spreads are always so creative.

Dale is too southern for me wow. The pearls.

Dorinda has so many great moments.

Yes Dorinda. Be the bigger person.

Ew John. Barf. He’s such a creep.

This is awk.

Omg the fake “heyyyy.”




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