Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 3.24.19

Vanderpump Rules

Sandoval is so extra.

Schwartz talking to himself is giving me life.

Schwa and Sandy. Amazing. Basically Thelma and Louise.

NO GAS?! How freaking typical.

It’s nice that Kristen is allowed at Tom Tom even though I can’t stand her.

It looks incredible.

What an entrance. It’s like an ep of My Super Sweet 16.

Lala you were SO aggressive. And you did not handle yourself nicely!

I wanna like Scheana.

Aw I feel kinda bad for Katie.

Omg I love BEAU. WOW. He’s the funniest.

Idk why Brittany wants to spend so much money on an engagement party.

This is a nice humbling experience for Lala. Back to reality.

Aw that’s sad that Tom and Katie aren’t together. I’d be pissed.

James is nuts if he thinks he doesn’t have a drinking problem.

Is this Beau’s first trip?!

Nooooo Katie why would you start the trip with rage texting?!

Maybe Katie and Tom shouldn’t go on group trips together. Maybe they should just go alone. On their own trips.

I feel bad for Schwartz wow.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Erika is goals.

Omg this location is insane.

Being friends with LVP is exhausting.

I’m Team Teddi.

It’s funny that Denise is doing through what Rinna went through and with the same female.

Idk why Ken would even say they wouldn’t be able to afford a new kitchen.

Denise seems so genuine, it’s refreshing.

I’m surprised Erika is wearing black to a wedding but I love that it’s a Rinna original.

I love Teddi’s look.

Omg I LOVE Denise’s dress. Omg I’m obsessed.

Not surprised at all that LVP grabbed Rinna’s butt because she knows none of the other girls give a crap about her.

Omg I’d be miserable waiting wow. In the heat.

This is irrelevant but I don’t even miss Eileen.

I love that they’re all walking down together.

Aw I love the candle idea.


I love this little spontaneous wedding.

I never knew Rebecca Romijn is so tall.

Ew I cannot stand the way Dorit talks. Not even the accent. But her choice of words is so gross.


I have a feeling that Dorit and LVP will never reconcile.

Real Housewives of New York City

Lu is avoiding avoiding avoiding.

This is so awkward.

Sonja’s wig is ridiculous.

I think Dorinda is making more of an effort than Lu.

Wait wtf is going on?!!?! Who was that woman??!!?

This is the humbling experience Lu needed.

Dale is annoying.

People paid $32,000 a month for this place?!?! Helllll no. It’s not that nice.

Damn this guy is more annoying than Ramona. Who knew that was possible.

Bethenny is so hot. Her outfit is badass.

Lu is a bitch. She’s so judgy.

Barb looks like she’s in the mafia

They both said a lot of shitty things.


But John should have been invited to the show.

Admit you were wrong, Dorinda.

HAHAH I freakin love Bethenny.

This convo got them nowhere.

Dale stoppppp.

Idk why Dorinda is asking Barb for design advice. Barb’s house is so boring and horribly decorated.

Omg are they about to fight…

Omg Dorinda.

Omg this is uncomfortable.

Who cares about the lawsuit.

Sonja isn’t the only one to blame since Dorinda pulled up the papers.

Omg that was awful.


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