Her Campus Archive: Reasons to Thank Your Parents For Making You Move at a Young Age

Original Her Campus UConn publication date: October 8, 2016

Growing up, I remember there occasionally being new kids at my school or in my neighborhood. Everyone was always so friendly to them and made them feel as comfortable as possible. The nerves and anxiety they must have felt were unimaginable… until I was that new kid. Never in a million years would I ever have thought my dad’s job would relocate us to a new state, making me the “new girl” in school. I remember despising my parents for doing that to me; for moving me away from the only place I had ever called home. But looking back, I cannot thank my parents enough for that experience and I wouldn’t change a thing. Here are some reasons to be thankful to your parents for making you move:

You were given a fresh start

No matter how old you were, moving gave you the chance to start over and be whoever you wanted to be. Your new life was a blank canvas and you were able to paint it any way you wanted. 

You lived somewhat of a double life

This might not be true for everyone, especially those who moved at a very young age. However, some can relate to the fact that whenever you visited your home state or hometown, it felt like a mini vacation from your new home. Your old friends and new friends were always completely separate and it was like living two lives yet having the best of both worlds (basically, you were Hannah Montana).

Your ability to break out of your shell was tested

Everyone you had known in your life up until you moved were probably friends that you grew up with. You probably don’t remember all of the details about how you became friends, you just were. But once moving, you were tested to see how outgoing you could be and how outside of your comfort zone you would go to embrace the new people around you. As scary as it was, you were secretly really excited for the challenge and wanted as many friends as possible.

You were able to learn from your moving experience and apply it to each new endeavor of your life

Each time you reach a new stage in life, you are able to reflect back on that time as the new kid and how hard it was to adjust to your new surroundings. You are able to think about how you got through it and how you are able to get through anything now.  College? No problem. New job? Definitely no problem.

You were given the chance to experience unfamiliar things

Moving was a great opportunity to experience new ways of life, new types of people, new areas of the country, and even new foods. If you moved from a very urban setting to a super rural setting, you know now what type of area you prefer which can be helpful when it’s time to settle down and start adulting.

Your circle of contacts and professional connections is larger than all of your friends’

Having lived in more than one place, you have so many connections all over the country. People you grew up with have moved to new cities and family friends have moved down south. Knowing people all over the place gives you more connections and more opportunities to relocate or gain job experience in different settings. 

No one will ever be able to take away where you came from

Your first home will always be your first home. Where you were born and grew up will always be where your heart is and be the root explanation as to why you are the way you are. As Dorothy would say…

So take a second and thank your parents for making you move as a child. Yeah, at the time you probably hated them and contemplated running away more than once. But, if you had never moved you would have less friends, less experiences, and less appreciation for change. Now, who knows, you would probably recommend moving to anyone! 

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