The one beauty product I could never live without…

I’m not a huge beauty person. I don’t really know anything about makeup products or the best skin care remedies so it’s pretty easy for me to pick the one beauty product I could never live without: Batiste Dry Shampoo.


My friend discovered this magical product while she was studying abroad and shared this pot-of-gold discovery with me ASAP. Luckily, I discovered that the sprayable shampoo was just as accessible here. At first, I was buying it at Ulta for almost $10.00 but then I heard from other Batiste lovers that it is available at my favorite place ever, TJ Maxx, for only $3.99.

This magic-in-a-bottle comes in two sizes, all kinds of scents, and for the longest time, it only sprayed in one color: white. However, I recently saw a commercial that it now comes in shades like blonde, light brown, dark brown, and black. When you spray the shampoo, you need to blend it into your hair so having a tinted spray could only make the blending easier.

As someone whose hair gets pretty gross basically overnight, Batiste often comes in clutch when I don’t have time to shower or don’t want to wash my hair until after work. I know it’s best to not wash your hair every day but I find that very difficult with my hair type. Alternatively, I just spray Batiste into my roots, hairline, and right above my ears before blending it with a brush so my hair looks presentable without having washed it.

Other dry shampoos I have tried left my hair feeling sticky, dry, or looking even greasier. With Batiste, there is no leftover residue or any kind of gross feeling afterwards. It also doesn’t hurt that every bottle of Batiste smells like a Yankee Candle.

Batiste even comes in travel size bottles that you can keep in your purse and use on-the-go! Trust me, your life will be better with Batiste.


  1. I love this brand of dry shampoo! It’s so quick and easy to use with you have a busy life style šŸ™‚

    I’d love for you to check out my latest blog post šŸ’•


  2. First time user and on my way to purchase dark brown right now. This will be a product that I will keep on the counter and in my purse.


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