Expect the unconventional

I love finding new purposes for old things just like I did with my ladder. These are just a few things I have in my room that I re-purposed in very unconventional ways.

Vintage is Cooler


I found this old Coca-Cola cooler in my grandmom’s shed a few summers back. When I got it, it was all rusted and in pretty bad condition (I’ll forever regret not taking a “before” picture). Luckily, my uncle knew someone in Jersey who could restore it and now it is absolutely beautiful. At first, I wanted to use my cooler as a planter with some pretty ivy plants but then I acquired my mom’s old records. I figured using something old and vintage to hold something old and vintage was the most Callie-thing to do and I love it.



So I really wanted to be able to do my hair in this little room between my bedrooms. It doesn’t have any outlets except for the plug that is built into my makeup mirror. As you can see, there is only a small space next to the mirror and for the longest time I had no idea how I would make this work. One day, I was walking through Home Depot looking for paint and I saw all the PVC piping. I knew right away this would work perfectly. It holds my hair dryer and my brush without taking up any room at all. Here is proof that PVC pipes don’t have to be just for plumbing!

Index Cards to Eyeshadow


This folder holder thing that is found in the desk organizer section of stores was once just that: my desk organizer. It held my index cards, mini calendar, calculator, etc.  Once I was done with school, I knew I could find a way to re-purpose it much like I do with a lot of my things. I moved back home and had all of these beauty products cluttered on my vanity. Much to my surprise, all of the products fit perfectly into the desk organizer. Just like that it went from holding my index cards to holding my eyeshadow.

Indoor Fencing


I actually created this for an art project. I developed these pictures in the darkroom and dyed them with clothing tie-dye, which was the coolest thing ever. My professor challenged us to come up with a creative display and since flowers were my main subject, I figured a fence was appropriate. I found this fence for like $5 at my favorite junk shop, cut it down, and attached the pictures with string and clothespins. I realized afterwards that it is actually a pretty cool decorative piece for my room, despite my shiny silver walls. I cannot wait to eventually incorporate it into a more neutral, earthy design scheme. (The part of the fence that I cut off I actually used in my apartment to hang all of my necklaces on).

Wine Bottle Bracelets


Just like probably every other girl my age, I was gifted an Alex and Ani bracelet for every holiday for about three years. Don’t get me wrong – I still love them; they are easy, simple, and add a little something to every outfit. However, I have so many and they don’t fit anywhere in my jewelry box. This hack kind of accidentally happened in my dorm room sophomore year of college. While the empty wine bottle sat on my desk waiting for me to recycle it without getting caught by my RA, I realized it could actually be a part of my desk accessories. First, I used it for my hair ties and hung my dangling earrings from the opening. Then, I realized wine bottles are the perfect size to hold an unlimited amount of Alex and Ani bracelets. Now I have the perfect combination of two of my favorite things: bracelets and wine.


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