Reminiscing about my fav Her Campus articles

Once upon a time, I was in college and I wrote for an online magazine called Her Campus. It was in that club that I fell madly in love with blogging. Her Campus is written mostly by college women for the college population. I have always loved writing but joining Her Campus gave me a platform to showcase my passion for writing and express my creativity. I love all of the articles I wrote while I was an HC member, but these are just a few I’m extra proud of.

6. An Open Letter to My Ex’s New Girlfriend

This one makes the list because I remember feeling so liberated after it was published. It was the first article where I got really personal and actually opened up in a way that I don’t normally do.

5. Reasons to Thank Your Parents for Making You Move at a Young Age

When I explain to people that I moved to Connecticut right before freshman year of high school, they usually ask “How hard was that for you?” Well, it was SO hard. But looking bad, the tears and the resentment and the adjustment were all worth it. It’s not everyday you meet someone who moved during their childhood, so this article was a way for me to explain all of the positive things I took away from my experience. (Also, this is the only article where I’m obsessed with my gif choices)

4. Shout Out to My Parents for Making Me Independent

I pride myself on my independence. I’m the type of person who would rather run my errands alone. It’s all because of my parents that I am comfortable enough to do things by myself. This article was just a way to thank them for raising me the way they did.

3. Why I am More Focused on Myself than Finding a Boyfriend

Since I wrote this article back in April, I really think I have grown a lot. I spent the summer really trying to be more self-aware and adjusting little bits of my personality to make sure I am the best version of myself. I am really proud of this article because it is exactly how I was feeling at the time and it’s nice to see how far I have come.

2. Phone Wallpaper: An Easy Way to be Inspired

This article has a special place in my heart because it is less about me and more about helping others. Phone wallpaper is such a simple way to add a little positivity to someone’s day and I was so excited to share this little secret with everyone.

1. An Open Letter to Those Who Misuse the Phrase “I’m Going to Kill Myself”

Suicide prevention and suicide awareness are two things I constantly advocate for. Suicide is something that hits really close to home for me and misusing such a simple phrase is very offensive to me. This article made me more comfortable correcting people when they say things along the lines of “this makes me want to kill myself”  regarding working a lot or having to do something they don’t want to do. Nothing makes me happier than my friends telling me that ever since they read my article, they also correct people when they hear them trivialize the seriousness of suicide by misusing this phrase.

I am so grateful for my time with Her Campus and all of the great articles I was able to write! In case you want to check out my other HC stuff, here is the link!



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