Attempting to Adult: Today I bought a car

So today I bought a car all by myself! My parents gave me my first car when I was 16 and I had that until last summer when it finally died. Then my mom gave me her car that I totaled two months later (sorry Mom). Then I was driving my dad’s truck. Then I was driving a mini van. Then my dad’s truck blew up. Then my brother bought a Mustang. Then my dad took the mini van and I took my brother’s old Jeep. The Jeep was great (despite the awful gas mileage and lack of A/C) up until Tuesday when the check engine light came on and the damage was way more than I wanted to pay for. This series of unfortunate events all led to my first big girl purchase. So in a way, these events all forced me to do something I would have had to do eventually but was trying to avoid.

Despite being a tad rushed into making this purchase, I am beyond happy with my decision! Most of my driving life, I have dealt with awful gas mileage and constant car issues so it is a great relief knowing I’ll be behind the wheel of reliability. I have also only had small truck-like cars (a Blazer and a Cherokee) so I’m embracing change with a Chevy Cruze. Driving this tiny little thang will take a little getting used and I fear that I’m going to have some kind of identity crisis not driving high up off the ground, but I think once I name this beauty, all will feel right in the world.


If you are putting something off that you know you’re going to need to eventually do, just do it! Procrastination may lead to success, but it also leads to avoidable stress. Do what you need to do when you need to do it and it will save your shoulders the pain of carrying all that weight. Don’t be afraid to take that first step into real adulthood. Having responsibilities and doing adult-like things may be scary, but they are just as exciting. We all gotta start somewhere, so we might as well start while we still have our lives under control (kinda).

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