Spice up your storage

A great way to add a little decoration to your walls while also having a little bit of storage is by using old spice racks! I don’t think spice racks are even made/used anymore so you can find a ton of them at junk shops and thrift stores. I discovered a spice rack years ago in my grandparents’ basement and knew right away that I wanted to use it for my nail polish. Because I am so obsessed with nail polish, I wanted a way to display my bottles while also having them accessible.

unnamed (3)

I soon ran out of space on my first spice rack because I own so much nail polish. I found a second one at a really cool thrift shop in New Hampshire and I like that it looks a little different than my first one.


I could have sanded down each piece and painted them another color, but I really love that they say “Spices” and I did not want to cover that. I like having them in their original condition. These spice racks do not have to be used only for nail polish. Although the shelves aren’t very big, they could be used for other cosmetic products such as deodorant, moisturizer, anything in a bottle or compact, eye shadow kits, lipsticks, etc. You could even use them as a way to display pictures, small books, CDs, or just about anything you want. No matter what you use them for, spice racks are a great way to spice up your storage!

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