Obsessie with Essie


Some people are obsessed with shoes, others with dogs, some with Justin Bieber (aka me) and others with Starbucks. I, however, have an unhealthy obsession with nail polish, specifically Essie nail polish. I first heard of Essie when I was a junior in high school. My math teacher, Ms. Pepin, was telling the class about this new nail polish that goes on smoothly and lasts days with no chipping. I was instantly intrigued and since then, it has been the only nail polish I buy.  Unfortunately, it is only sold at some stores and it is pretty expensive ($9.00/bottle). Luckily, you can find it at most CVS locations which is great because I love me some CVS coupons. Whenever, I have some CVS extra bucks or discounts, I head straight for the Essie. Because it is so expensive, I almost never pay full price for it and only buy it when I have some CVS coupons.  To make sure I don’t buy a color I already have, I keep an on-going list on my phone. I keep track of the ones I already have and all of the ones I would like to buy.


Seem a little obsessive? I told you I’m obsessie! I really think Essie is worth buying because it goes on more smoothly than any other polish I have ever bought. As someone who always has their nails painted, nothing makes me happier than wearing a color that lasts a week or more without chipping and Essie does just that. So if you are looking for a polish that is easy to apply and lasts longer than most, grab some Essie! If you aren’t a dedicated CVS shopper like me, TJ Maxx usually has some half-price Essie bottles for sale by the registers!


(Colors pictured: Mint Candy Apple and Tart Deco)


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