I ain’t Matte about this Essie top coat

I had been trying to find matte nail polish everywhere until I realized that my fav brand, Essie, makes an awesome matte top coat! It is a genius idea because now any of my polishes can become matte with just a simple top coat.

Specifically, I had been trying to find a black matte polish so I decided to throw ‘Matte About You’ over Essie’s ‘Licorice’ color.

thumbnail (6)

Step 1: I started with the all-in-one ‘Base Coat Base’ that I always prep my nails with. This polish is great because it is a base coat and top coat all in one bottle. It is the perfect pre-layer and post-layer to any color.


Step 2: I put on two coats of ‘Licorice.’ As you can see, it is a super shiny must-have black polish.


Step 3: I applied one coat of ‘Matte About You.’ It goes on pretty thick so one coat is plenty.


I absolutely love the results. As a (matte)r of fact, it is just the matte finish I was going for. I have tried the matte top coat on one or two other polishes but didn’t like the outcome nearly as much as I like the matte on black. Although the top coat is a little pricey at $8.99 a bottle, it is well worth it because it basically doubles your nail polish collection. It transforms any color you already have into something new.

The best part about ‘Matte About You’ is that it dries super quickly. It is a great top coat if you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to wait for your manicure to dry!

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