Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 10/29/17

Real Housewives of Orange County

Peggy was so annoying when the doctor was taking care of Vicki. Yes, he’s there to help her so stop asking him if he’s going to help her. Why else would he be there???? I don’t really understand why she was so upset. She was in good care and there was nothing else she could have done. I also could NOT handle her bossing Kelly around. Hell no girl you’re new here.

I’m confused why Peggy was crying on the phone with her husband and why she needed his permission to go to the hospital. Where is your independence girlfriend?

HAHAHA this seriously isn’t funny but why the heck was there a robe over Vicki’s head when she was being wheeled out of the hotel. I could not stop laughing omg.

I love Steve for Vicki. His sense of humor kills me. I think it’s good that she’s in such a healthy relationship after Fake Cancer Brooks.

I was so glad Tamra and Vicki had their moment but couldn’t handle Kelly constantly butting in and speaking for Vicki.

Shannon going crazy during Vicki and Tamra’s moment? Not surprised. Shannon definitely wants Tamra all to herself and cannot handle the idea of the two of them reuniting. I understand that Shannon is hurt too but get over it. I truly don’t think Vicki has ever had ill intentions. The negativity just needs to go away and Shannon needs to let it. I don’t know why she thinks she has ownership over Tamra.

Ugh I love new baptized Tamra. If she wants to move on, move on! If Shannon doesn’t, that’s her problem. I love that Tamra is so much of her own person and is truthful and not so much about the drama anymore. She just wants peace and to have some fun.

If I was Kelly, I’d be pissed that Peggy was constantly correcting me. However, Kelly’s words are way too harsh when she gets defensive and I understand that Peggy was upset.

Also in real time – it was announced that Kelly and Michael and Shannon and David are getting divorced. I wasn’t surprised at either of these announcements but I do think both women will thrive without their husbands. Best of luck to both of them, it’s for the best.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

I cannot believe Melissa called Danielle misunderstood. That’s insane – she’s not misunderstood. She’s a pathological liar hellloooooo.

Is it weird that Dolores has a boyfriend but lives with her ex-husband? Yes. Is it anyone’s business? Nope! Margaret actually earned herself some brownie points from me for standing up for Dolores during that conversation.

Siggy needs to stop bringing stuff up over and over again. The wreath memorial? Get over it. The cake? Get over it. She’s so close-minded and holds grudges. I can’t handle it.

When Siggy was making faces and sticking her tongue out, I wanted to slap her! How immature.

I knew the restaurant tasting wasn’t going to end well since it was the first time they were altogether since Boca. I was livid when Danielle criticized Dolores for bringing the “wrong” “boyfriend” to the tasting. SO RUDE. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS DANIELLE. Her bringing that up is proof that she’s a pot-stirrer and up to no good. I also love that Melissa pretty much stayed out of all of it.

Teresa is crazy for believing Danielle and not Dolores. Although, I’d really like to see Dolores be her own person and not a Siggy follower but Siggy is cray cray right now.

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