Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 11/5/17

Real Housewives of Orange County

Peggy overreacted about the whole thing. You’re upset? Tell them. What is hiding going to solve? When she said that Diko loves Michael and that he should talk to him to tell him to put sense into his wife… WHAT. This is your battle woman do not get your husband involved. If she knew Kelly at all, she would know that that would piss her off even more. And recording Kelly and Tamra laughing?? Are you joking?! So childish. She couldn’t even prove that they were laughing at her. The recording is just beyond.

Also it was none of her business that Meghan’s baby was crying. Babies cry. It’s not her place to pass judgment.

Lydia is such a good friend but I absolutely would have went to dinner and left Peggy at the hotel. I wouldn’t let one person ruin my whole night.

When Peggy decided to finally go to dinner but then didn’t accept Kelly’s apology?? THEN WHY DID YOU GO TO DINNER? The two of them just don’t get along and that’s fine – not everyone gets along with everyone.

I know why Meghan is upset about Peggy talking about her daughter. But she’s crying and saying “You don’t know how hard it is [to be a new mother].” Actually…. they all have kids…. so they all know how hard it is to have a newborn… Stop crying and bitch her out! Or ignore her. How you parent isn’t any of her business.

I’m so over Peggy and I really hope she doesn’t return next season.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

It is so sad to see how upset Teresa and Joe’s dad is. It was so sweet of Teresa to invite him on vacation and to see how much the girls love him.

I was shocked when Margaret asked Dolores to get dinner and I was even more shocked when they got along and opened up to each other. I actually kind of enjoyed Margaret in that moment.

I am glad that Dolores told Siggy to give Margaret another chance. Yeah it’s kind of weird that they both do what the other says but whatever. Sometimes you need a sidekick when you’re surrounded by crazy women.

This episode was kind of boring and if I had to guess… it would be because Danielle wasn’t around to stir up anything among the women. She’s the worst.

I’m just waiting for Teresa and Melissa to realize that Siggy and Dolores are better friends than Danielle will ever be.

I’m so happy Siggy will be a little less Soggy from now on. She was being so emotional and I couldn’t handle it. I’m hoping now that she is a little more level-headed, she and the girls can forgive, forget, and move on.


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