Loco for the Incoco

Everyone knows I am obsessed with painting my nails but today I decided to trade my Essie for Incoco. However, I cannot take credit for this awesome discovery. My Aunt Martha found them at Walmart and is the one who told me about the unique nail art. They are a fun, easy alternative to basic nail polish.

Coconut Nail Art by Incoco is a brand of nail art that is easy to apply and made right here in the USA. It can be found in the beauty aisle of any Walmart for under $5.00. Although the designs at Walmart are limited, you can search Walmart.com or Coconutnailart.com for designs for all occasions!

Last week I watched my Aunt Martha apply the nail art to my Aunt Felicia’s nails and was amazed at the quick, simple process. It was really cool to actually see that she was not kidding about how easy it is to use Incoco and how great the results are.


Today I decided to try it for myself and I am very satisfied with the results. Applying the nail art to both hands took about a half hour. The package comes with 12 double-ended strips of polish, a nail file, and a small wooden stick to help adhere the strips to the corners of your nails. I would definitely recommend using all of the tools to make the application easier. At one point, I actually messed up my right thumb but was able to remove the design with regular nail polish and reapply a new strip.

thumbnail (5)

Overall, I am super happy with my nails. I think with time, applying the strips will only become easier. I can see some imperfections on the white areas of my design more easily than any mistakes on the busy pattern which kind of bothers me. But like I said, after doing it a few times I will become more experienced and eventually have little to no imperfections.

Take a look at a video I made of the my first experience with Incoco:

(Please excuse the weird angle, poor placement, and strange speed –
it was my first timelapse video)

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