22 thoughts I had watching Big Brother for the first time

I am a huge reality TV buff – from all the Real Housewives franchises to MTV’s The Challenge to Little People, Big World. However, Big Brother was never something I had gotten into despite so many people Raven (haha, get it? #BB19) about it. After a little persuasion from a friend, I decided to give this season a shot. These are just some of the thoughts I had while watching the unpredictable, hilarious, back-stabbing show.

What the heck is a “showmance?”

Who exactly is Big Brother?

Do they get to drink alcohol or is this just naturally who they are?

So many tutus!

Wow these people are savages

I can’t believe CBS gives this show at least three nights a week

I need a DingBot

Who names their kid Christmas?

Wow I’m so glad I don’t have a two way mirror in my bathroom

How do they not see what is going on when production sets up a competition in the backyard?

These sound effects are so cheesy 

Does someone wash the sheets in the HOH bed before the next HOH comes in?

Why does it seem like most of these people only own three shirts?

Why are people SHOUTING while in the diary room? 

I wonder if Julie Chen watches the show throughout the week or just has production update her on Thursdays

Wow, I’d really miss my mom

What do they do with all of their free time?

Why does no one swim in the pool?

I’d take so many naps

There should be a house dog

What’s with so many of the guys wearing nail polish on only one or two fingers?

How the heck do they remember everything for these memory competitions? I can’t even remember what I had for dinner



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