Challenge Chatter 2.6.19

The Challenge is my favorite reality show of all time. Idk why I’ve never blogged about it. But here we go.

I’m so excited for this season. Except I’m pissed Josh from Big Brother is on. He’s so annoying.

TJ is the OG.

Some of the prospects look pretty fit/intense.

I’m interested to see Cara and Paulie’s dynamic. I wonder if it filmed before or after he cheated.

I’m pissed Ashley, Amanda, and Hunter are on this season. They’re annoying. I’m pumped Nany is back.

Wes is annoying but I really don’t mind him.

Gus is kinda hot.

I cannot stand Paulie. He’s my least favorite. Maybe ever.

Ew and he just won.

Wait Cara and Paulie are still together during this. Interesting.


I know I’m not gonna like Bear.

I love Zach.

Aw Jenna is moving to Michigan?! That’s awesome. Even though she’s a total New Yorker.

Turbo is scary.

JP is hot.

CHASE. So hot. I loved him on The Bachelorette.

I’d be so happy if Josh lost and left.

HAHAHAH JOSH IS GONE. BYE. Such a cry baby.

I can’t stand Davonne wow.

Natalie D. seems so hardcore.

Ugh Davonne won.

Hell yeah good for Natalie D.

Georgia will annoy me.

Cara sucks at puzzles.

I hope Liz gets it.

Oh noooo poor Liz and Julia 😦

Ironic how two BB peeps are going home.

36 people in one house is wild.

CT hahahah didn’t even have to try to get the good room yet he did.

NANY AND CHASE? I’m here for it.

Johnny and Morgan? Also here for it.

Ashley is so annoying. I’m not surprised she took the money last season. It was the worst finale I’ve ever seen.

I like Leroy and Kam together.

Nany why are you all over Bananas!!!

Nany is drunk.

Chase does need to chill. But he is allowed to be upset.

I’m so glad Jenna is back!! I love love love Jenna.

Theo will probably irk me. But he’ll never irk me as much as Ashley irks me.

Considering Natalie, Paulie, and Davonne as vets is annoying.

Oh no 😦 idek Alan but I feel so bad for him.

Georgia and Hunter might actually do well.

Theo and Cara? Hmm.

Turbo scares me!! I’m surprised he picked Nany.

Hahah @ Dee thinking Wes has no enemies.

How has Jenna not been picked!!


Omg Jenna and Amanda left? He better pick Jenna. Wow.

Yaaaas Jenna getting picked!! And I loved his speech.

Bummer does Amanda have to go home?

Noooooooooooooooooo Josh. No no no no. My worst nightmare.

Hahaah him and Amanda. Sucks to suck.

The teams look pretty good besides Chase and Ashley.

I’m interested to see if hard feelings/animosity will be lingering from Dirty 30, Vendettas, and The Final Reckoning. Obvi Hunter is salty. As is Kyle. Probs Zach and Amanda too.

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