Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 1/27/19

Vanderpump Rules

Idk what the girls are talking about. Marina Del Rey looks pretty sick to me.

I can see how Brittany is frustrated with the girls’ bringing up her relationship constantly… but what else does she expect? It’s hard for them to be supportive when Brittany has been so hurt.

James’ teeth freak me out.

Lala is always so real and I love that about her.

Billie bringing up Randall? Hmm… not necessary.

Ariana is very level-headed.

Wow I wish I had an Adam.


Ariana will never had kids and I think Sandoval is wasting his time.

I’m pumped for Brittany to have kids. It’ll soften Jax up.. hopefully.

Omg this Ariana and Lala secret… WILD.

Jax is soooo annoooyyyinnngggg.

Only Lala can look good and not trashy in a completely see-through shirt.

Idk Jax hates James so much. James is literally a younger version of Jax.

Oh god Ariana is PISSED.

I’d be pissed too. That was not cool of Sandoval.

Wait Stassi’s extension crown doesn’t match her hair at all.

Ariana may be boring but she is cool. She is accepting and loving and a good friend to everyone.

Omg this 70s theme is everything.

And somehow Stassi’s hair looks good.

James with the long hair isn’t that bad especially with the accent. Very Beatles.

Lala might be a little confused with the candy necklace… isn’t that more 90s?

I’m over Billie. Bye Billie.

And for the record, Katie is NOT FAT.

HAHA the last sentence (Lala to Raquel) of the episode is GOLD.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Danielle is such a manipulator. I cannot believe Teresa doesn’t see it.

Danielle and Margaret were bffs 4 episodes ago…

Dolores is HOT.

Omg kids are off limits.

Danielle dimissing Melissa??

Melissa is always right. I’m not kidding. She’s the most level-headed of them all.

Melissa should start beliving what everyone says about Danielle!!

Seriously how does Teresa not see it? Especially because they were enemies at one point.

Danielle always plays the victim.

Jackie’s little side braid is always questionable.

If Dolores can put her issues with Danielle aside and not even communicate with her, Margaret should be able to do the same.

Ha the “here we go” comment!!

No Margaret. Not cool. Don’t do that! KIDS AND HUSBANDS ARE OFF LIMITS.

Would I be surprised if Jennifer’s husband had a gf? No. Is it Margaret’s place to bring it up in front of everyone? No.

Danielle is probably loving that someone else is bothered by Margaret right now.

Camels are so cool, I’d love to ride one. I didn’t realize camel riding is a thing in Mexico.

Wait is Jennifer’s red dress the same dress as the yellow one but in red?

I cannot believe Jennifer constantly orders tequila on the rocks.

Omg Danielle is the worst.

Wtf do kids have to do with the conversation?

Teresa is drinking the kool-aid.

I cannot believe this whole thing.

I’m surprised Dolores isn’t saying “I told you so” about Danielle.

Omg Melissa and Jennifer.


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