I ladderly love it

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My favorite thing that I own is my wooden ladder. It is beautiful. There is this awesome junk shop a few towns over from me and I had been eyeing this ladder for weeks. One day, my family and I were driving by and I told my them how much I wanted the ladder. I could feel them rolling their eyes while ignoring me (they are used to me pointing to “trash” and elaborating on my vision for it). Anyway, a few days later my dad comes home from work with a surprise for me – the ladder! I was so excited, especially when he told me it was only $20. Luckily, I have very high ceilings in my bedroom so I am able to keep it in there standing upright. I could have sanded it down and stained or painted it, but I really wanted to keep the raw, weathered look to it so I did absolutely nothing to it before moving it from my dad’s truck to my room. In the winter, it holds my scarves and in the summer, I use it to put my heels on. (I may or may not have been using it to hang my senior prom dress for the past four years.) If you are looking for a simple statement piece that does not take up too much space but is also purposeful, get a ladder! It does not have to be wooden nor does it have to be as tall as mine, but an old ladder is a great way to re-purpose something no longer being used.

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