Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 11/12/17

Quote of the Week:

 “Just because you blow out someone else’s candle,
doesn’t mean you’ll shine any brighter
.” – Margaret, RHONJ

Real Housewives of Orange County

I’m really proud of Kelly for doing what is best for her by selling her house and leaving Michael. She is hot and fun and only sometimes out of control and she deserves to be happy.

I really think Vicki and Steve will get married and I’m all about it. I really do wish that Vicki apologized to Eddie and Tamra about spreading those rumors because it was the right thing to do. She says all the time that she loves Eddie so I really think she owed him an apology for repeating something so cruel.

It was so great seeing that Tamra went to her daughter’s graduation but it was heartbreaking to read that they had another falling out and aren’t speaking again. I cannot imagine what it is like to have one of your children not speaking to you.

I wasn’t surprised to read that Shannon and David moved into separate houses. I think she needs time to just focus on herself and maybe do something yoga.

I think Doug and Lydia are the cutest couple ever and I cannot believe she wants to try for a girl even after she made him get snipped! RUDE!

I think after this season I’ve decided I really don’t love Meghan. Jimmy rubs me the wrong way and their relationship confuses me which is really none of my business but I just don’t think she adds anything to the show.

Speaking of not adding anything to the show… FREAKIN PEGGY. O-V-E-R HER. She’s the worst. Worst housewife I’ve ever seen out of all the franchises I watch. She has no personality. She doesn’t even smile. Her only comeback is “Are you okay?” which pisses me off even more. Wow I really hope she doesn’t come back next season. I know that is so awful to say but I just think she is so unnecessary.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

I was really glad to see Dolores and Teresa meeting up. I was NOT expecting Dolores to say that Danielle is on drugs. I don’t care if it’s true or not, that’s a huge statement to make and I think it was super inappropriate and very unlike Dolores. This season’s Dolores is way more savage. She even insinuated that Joe cheated on Teresa. Yeah Teresa shouldn’t have been talking about her situation with Frank but no one, not even friends, should be judging each other’s relationships.

This is so petty and irrelevant but I really want Siggy to cut her hair. I just think she’s trying so hard to look young but she’s already gorgeous and I wish she would get a cute little Alexis bob! She is a little bit of a grudge holder and I think it could be so freeing if she chopped all her hair off (or just took her extensions out??).

Siggy calling out Margaret in front of huge audience… I was shocked. So rude to humiliate Margaret like that just like she did to Melissa. Margaret seemed pretty un- phased which I thought was really mature and respectable. I was surprised when Siggy said that Margaret would be in the suite with her and Dolores.

When Teresa said that back in the day Danielle was a shit starter… HELLO SHE STILL IS.

I can see how this small group activity seemed like a good idea to Siggy at first… but once Margaret was told to basically impersonate Siggy, you could see all over Siggy’s face that it was all about to blow up. Of course they are making us wait until next week to see the aftermath.


I just love my Jersey housewives. I could seriously do without Danielle and have Dina or Caroline back but whatevs. We shall see what happens.


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