Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 11/19/17

Real Housewives of Orange County

Reunions are the best part of every season and I was so pumped for this one.

First of all, everyone looked beautiful. As much as I can’t stand Meghan, she looked flawless. But I still can’t stand her. Especially after this episode. Attacking Lydia for being uncomfortable because of her faith? I’m the least religious person ever but I would never judge someone for being uncomfortable in a situation that doesn’t align with the beliefs of their faith. So wrong.

I feel very sad for Kelly and Shannon. They both deserve so much happiness despite their separations. I really hope they can lean on each other especially because they really seemed to mend their friendship this season.

Tam Tam is still one of my favs and I feel really sad for her about her daughter. I hope they are not estranged forever.

This episode was pretty low key despite Meghan being rude to Lydia. Hopefully part two of the reunion is a little more lit.

Oh yeah and there was Peggy… still irrelevant.

I’m really sad that RHONJ didn’t air this week, but I am SO HYPE because it was announced that RHOBH is premiering December 19th! I love me some Kyle Richards and Erika Jayne- two of my fav housewives ever.

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