Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 11/26/17

Real Housewives of Orange County

First of all Meghan, you sending Kelly that text about her having a boyfriend and her texting you about Jim having an affair is THE EXACT SAME THING.

I don’t agree that people are jealous of Diko and Peggy’s relationship. Yeah he seems like a great guy but that doesn’t mean he isn’t controlling.

I don’t think there is any hope for Lydia and Shannon ever being friends.

It’s none of Peggy’s business that Meghan’s baby was crying.

I can’t decide if the “Eddie’s gay” conversation was staged at Vicki’s birthday or not. I think Vicki is being honest about wanting to be civil with everyone.

I think Tamra and Vicki have both messed up but I think Tamra took it way too far when she said nothing looks good on Vicki.

BREAKTHROUGH!! Vicki apologized!!! I love it. I also really love that she hugged Shannon too. They are all good people and I really want them to work it out because I really think Vicki and Tamra are soul sistassss.


I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for them.

Real Housewives of New Jersey


Watching the role playing made me cringe and I don’t know how making fun of someone can solve anything.

I was surprised to see that Danielle wanted to talk to Teresa and not Dolores. I understand that Danielle is still hurt because of the whole table-flipping incident, but Teresa calling her a prostitution whore is not the thing that ruined her reputation – her reputation already sucked.

Ugh Joe Gorga is the best. I love that he took Milania out and bonded with her. Him and Melissa are the Kyle and Mauricio of the east coast. My favs.

I was shocked to hear Teresa admit that she has resentment towards Joe. As she should. Everything happened because of him.

Overall, I think Siggy’s retreat was really helpful for the ladies. Siggy and Margaret are better. Siggy and Melissa are better. Slowly but surely they are all becoming friends again.

OMG THREE MONTHS SINCE TERESA HAS SEEN JOE? Totally unexpected but I totally understand. I wish she would let her wall down and get as emotional as she needs to get. Let it out, hunny!

Margaret’s husband seems so cool and laid back and just like an awesome guy and the total opposite of her. Maybe opposites really do attract.

Shut up, Danielle. Don’t take away Siggy’s apology to Margaret. HELLO MARGARET SHE IS STIRRING.THE.POT. Mind ya business, Danielle.

I can’t believe that Dolores has an issue with Danielle but not with Kim D. I was glad when Siggy told Kim to mind her own business.

Ugh KIM IS THE WORST. Who cares what you are hearing from people, Kim? Rumors are rumors are rumors. She’s just as bad as Danielle. She kept talking and talking and talking about Teresa even when Dolores and Siggy both told her to stop.

Melissa is so kindhearted and honest and I just love her.

Dolores and Siggy are cray cray for walking in Kim’s show. I understand Dolores plays Switzerland but come on.

I don’t know how Melissa thinks Kim is scum but not Danielle.

Ugh I hate seeing Dolores and Teresa fighting.


Siggy was right. They did the right thing by telling Teresa and Teresa should have listened to them when they said they stuck up for her.

Also, Teresa are you forgetting that you also spread rumors with Kim about Melissa???

Old Teresa made a quick appearance and I was a little freaked.

Just when I thought everyone was becoming friends again, Kim had to swoop in and take a crap on everything.

I just know next week’s ep is gonna be lit at this fashion show and I CANNOT WAIT.




  1. The OC is in need of a re-boot. I totally agree with your about Kelly and Mehgan. I really liked Peggy at the beginning. Then things seemed staged, the mail box the cancer. Bye Bye. Love Tamera and Vicki together. Not sure Vicki is a friend. A friend would shut down anyone talking about the friends spouse. I think the Gay conversation was staged. Next season, I’d like to see Shannon, Kelly, and Meghan back. Perhaps keep Vicki as a friend with a casserole. Enjoying the hell out of Jersey. Yes Siggy is getting on my last nerve, but she is interesting TV. Danielle seems desperate for a storyline and is failing. KimD is the Donald Trump of TV, just pull things out of thin air and they’re true. I know it was for charity but after Kim,D lie about Teresa, I thought her friends would pull out…..but no…… Looking forward to next week.


    1. Agreed with all of that! OC can definitely keep Tamra, Vicki, and Shannon – I’m iffy about Meghan – but we need to see new people. I think it would be interesting to see Sarah (Tamra’s granddaughter’s mom) as a housewife! But Jersey is just as crazy as I was hoping. You’re so right about Danielle. She’s desperate and I’m over it. I can’t wait for the fashion show next week. I wish Dolores and Siggy weren’t walking but it’s just going to lead to more drama and I love the drama


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