Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 12/10/17

Vanderpump Rules

Scheana is right – Jax does not deserve Brittany. At all.

I can’t believe Stassi is at Lisa’s right now. Wow times have changed.

I love that Lisa is willing to give Stassi a shot. I totally think Stassi would be a great event planner.

Ew Jax is so gross. He is literally doing to Brittany what he did to Stassi.  He also loves to keep it in the Sur fam when he cheats.

Brittany found fake lashes in their kitchen?!?! GIRL HE CHEATED.

Also – even if Jax is telling the truth (which I don’t think he is) – maybe people would believe him if he hadn’t cheated so many times in the past. If you were known as a pathological liar and suddenly begin telling the truth, no one is going to believe you sir.

It is shady that Faith didn’t show up to Jeremy’s party. Girl finish what you started.


HE IS AN IDIOT. “We were going through rough times,” says the coward.

I really hope Brittany dumps his ass.

HAHA why is drunk Schwartz crying?! Omg Tom and Tom’s bromance kills me. I love it. Omg now Sandoval is crying!!!

I love Ariana’s short hair – she kills it.

“Jax can’t help himself.” UM NO. Also why is no one pissed at Faith? Everyone keeps saying Brittany and Faith are bffs but no one is saying Faith was in the wrong- which she was. She should have never slept with her bff’s boyfriend (didn’t she learn anything from Kristen??).

Oh my god seeing Stassi with Patrick is making me melt. He knows her so well and it’s so cute. And he’s way hotter than I remember.

Jax is a 38 year old who cheats on his girlfriend and can’t even wear the right uniform to work. MATURE WOULD YA.

I love that Lisa is #TeamBrittany. I know she’d never be on Jax’s side but I love when she gets all motherly.


Real Housewives of New Jersey

It is kind of bothering me that Dolores and Siggy are separated from Teresa and Danielle.

Freakin Danielle talking crap about Siggy and Dolores. Girl shut yo mouth it’s noneya business. Stop stirring the pot.

Last season everyone was BFFs and then Danielle shows up and shit hits the fan.

Also it was totally wrong that Margaret referenced Hitler. I know that she probably didn’t mean anything by it but it was still really wrong.

I have a feeling that this elephant in the room is about to be acknowledged at dinner.

Ugh Siggy nooooooo.

Ew Danielle stay out of this… Siggy has been a better friend to Melissa and Teresa than you.

Dolores you feel bad??? Why the heck didn’t you call Melissa and tell her that you felt bad about getting in her face? Did you only apologize because she brought it up?

WHAT THE HELL SIGGY????? Saying Margaret can’t stand Jews? And calling her anti-semitic!?!?! YOU ARE CRAZY. Uncalled for. Out of line. Inappropriate.

Maybe Siggy is deflecting.


First of all… Siggy was pissed about a cake being thrown outside at a restaurant but can scream and shout and curse and clap INSIDE a restaurant and it’s okay???? Hypocrite.

I’m confused why Danielle is so upset because she wasn’t even involved. She involved herself.

I understand that Siggy is upset about Teresa and Melissa not sticking up for her but from what I saw, they didn’t even have a chance. I probably would’ve stayed silent if I was them too.

Margaret definitely could have just said, “That was a very poor analogy to make and I am very sorry for offending you.”


I don’t really care about Danielle’s feelings but I think it was really big of Siggy to call her to want to talk.

Aw, I love what Dolores is saying in the car ride. I really am #TeamDolores, especially when it comes to having opinions about Danielle.

Ugh, I freakin love that all the men are hanging!!!!

The tour guide is a Q T.

Okay so Siggy is talking about Margaret calling her Soggy again. Margaret already apologized so why is it still hitting a nerve? Let it go.

I don’t think Margaret is stirring the pot.

Dolores just seems so angry! I don’t like it.

I honestly don’t see why Siggy and Margaret can’t be friends. Stop taking jabs at each other and all will be well.

I see some calm conversations in next week’s preview. Holler.


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