Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 12/3/17

Vanderpump Rules

PUMP RULES IS BACK!! You bet I’ll be adding my opinions on Pump Rules into these weekly rants. It may not be called “Real Housewives” but without 90210 housewife Lisa Vanderpump, there would be no Vanderpump Rules so in my mind, it counts!

I am so excited about this season.

Katie and Scheana aren’t friends? I’m not surprised. Sometimes I cannot stand Katie. But for Scheana to go out of her way to let Katie know she isn’t invited to her birthday is just dumb. She obviously knows she’s not invited. I love that Katie isn’t mad that Schwartz is going though – that’s an improvement.

I’m surprised that Kristen was invited without Stassi and Katie.

Scheana needs to pump the brakes with Rob. She cannot say that he’s all she has wanted for 10 years. Girl, you were married! Like Lisa said, she can’t minimalize that.

I love Stassi. I can’t believe she showed up at Tom and Katie’s honeymoon. Love it.


Ugh I totally believe Faith and I think Jax lied to Tom.


Brittany does not deserve this. I have said from day one that she is way too good for Jax.

Jax is lying. He’s playing dumb. I feel so bad for Brittany. Jax is such a pig. Even if he never admits it, I will always think it is true.

OMG THAT WAS THE END OF THE EP?? Ugh I hate waiting!

This season looks so lit I am so excited.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Seriously what is Kim’s obsession with Teresa?

I’m glad that Dolores and Siggy are sticking up for Teresa but I still can’t believe they’re gonna walk for Kim.

I’m confused why Margaret is going to the fashion show? I don’t know if she was invited or not and I get that she’s part of the cast but if I were her, I’d stay out of it.

Holla I’m loving Teresa sticking up for herself. Kim is so so disgusting omg.

Margaret sticking up for Teresa was nice but still felt weird. I wish Teresa showed up alone or with just Melissa. She doesn’t even need back up because she’s a beast on her own. I also don’t think it was necessary to all of this at the fashion show. Yeah Kim sucks but it is for charity and Teresa cannot risk getting in trouble.

“Teresa just tried to almost hit me with a glass” KIM YOU’RE SUCH A LIAR!

Ugh as much as I wish Dolores and Siggy weren’t walking, I do understand that it is for charity and wish the girls supported that. It is admirable that they are staying neutral but I think they could have just made a donation instead of being part of the actual event. Plus, they both look HOT strutting their stuff.

I also wish Dolores didn’t get in Melissa’s face like that.

Yes Frank!!! You are right. Siggy and Dolores should have stuck up for her and they should have had her back and not walked in the show! Also the two of them saying that they can’t speak to Melissa and Teresa one-on-one because of Danielle and Margaret? That is so not true!! Yeah okay maybe Danielle makes a peep here and there but her input does not affect Melissa and Teresa’s capabilities of having a normal conversation.

Smooth Priv product placement, Marge.

Mediums are incredible. I’m used to my girl Theresa Caputo but this medium seems just as legit.

I love that Siggy came over Teresa’s house and I love that Teresa is being super understanding about them walking for charity.

HA Margaret and Danielle are both up Teresa’s butt?!?! HELLO DOLORES IS UP YOURS SIGGY.

I am very excited for the Milan trip but I really hope it doesn’t get too wild I really want everyone to be friends. I also hope Danielle isn’t invited. She has the worst energy.


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