Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 12/17/17

Vanderpump Rules

Omg I love that Brittany is brought Stassi to her and Jax’s anniversary spa day. The irony…

“I wish Brittany would hook up with someone to make it even.” – Jax ONLY AN ASS WOULD THINK LIKE THAT

Also James sitting at the brewery with them right now hahhahah Jax and James hated each other like two seconds ago

Schwartz with the flowers is so cute. He’s definitely my favorite guy on the show which is weird because his wife is often my least favorite girl.

I cannot believe Lisa is allowing James back into Pump! But he does seem like he’s changed a little so maybe it’ll work out this time.

I think Ariana’s brother is so cute and I don’t usually like blondes.

Jax complaining about the girls throwing a party for Brittany and saying that friends don’t do stuff like that. Ummmm when you have the little habit of cheating on EVERY SINGLE ONE of your girlfriends EVER… they have the right to say whatever they want to Brittany to help her in the situation that you caused.

I’m so glad Stassi invited Ariana and Scheana!! Someone is growing up!!

And again James is invited out with the boy! What is going on

HAHAH I love that the girls are doing this spell. Karmic punishment is just what he needs.

UGH LALA. I just don’t know with her. Wtf she wants her job back? She is so predictable.

Flashback to Katie’s bangs… so glad they grew in… just saying.

Omg Jax is a freakin psychopath. I swear if Brittany takes him back I will be pissed. She can do so so so so much better. Deep down people don’t change. She was naive to begin with for thinking he would change for her and not do to her what he does to everyone else.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

My Bev b****es are back!!!!! I am so excited because Kyle and Erika are two of my favorite housewives ever. I also really love Lisa but sometimes her lips just get her in trouble so hopefully this season she can filter herself.

Let me just say that my fav housewife tagline ever was LVP’s “I’m passionate about dogs, just not crazy about bitches.”

Hahaha omg I did not know Erika got parodied on SNL but Chris Pine looks pretty damn fine.

Ugh I miss Yolanda.

Dorit… I just don’t know. Maybe she should just go off with OC Peggy and leave us all alone. I really do love Dorit’s bag and braids rn though.

First impression of Teddi: I like her.

I completely agree with Erika about not liking Dorit. There is something about Dorit that is so fake and Erika isn’t down for that.

Erika isn’t cold. She just doesn’t like some people and that’s fine. She is the Bethenny of the 90210.

Poor Teddi is just getting thrown right into the madness. Hopefully this Vegas trip is chill.

The way Erika travels with her whole crew literally cracks me up.

What a lame episode!! Still pumped for next week considering Rinna just arrived.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Interesting that Siggy, Melissa, and Danielle are the three going on a bike ride.

I wish I made homemade pasta when I was in Italy. What a cool experience.

SIGGY WHY ARE YOU CRYING. I think the bottom line is that she is sensitive and Margaret is just a little too harsh for her.

Love how Melissa says “wooder” just like old me.

Yay I love Margaret’s apology.

Wait no response???? Okay Siggy cool.

Danielle is going to a shoe factory dressed like that? Is that code word for “strip club?”

Omg it is so cute that Teresa brought Siggy to honor her mom because Siggy missed the beach memorial service.

Yes Dolores, we need peace. Now tell Siggy that.

Aw Melissa giving Margaret a little gift is the sweetest thing ever. Melissa is so thoughtful and honest and genuine.

“I’m sorry you feel that way” is such a BS apology, Siggy. You know better.

What a lame episode.

I did hear today that Siggy will not be returning next season. I’m not mad. There will be way less tears.

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