Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 12/24/17

Quote of the Week:

You can be a strong woman in this world but you don’t have to be a bitch.”
– Lisa Rinna, RHOBH

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

If Kyle can forgive Rinna for her calling her Kim’s enabler, Dorit should forgive Rinna too.

Adrienne?! What a throwback.

Leave it to LVP to ask Teddi all the deep questions like how much she once weighed.

I would totally love to hangout with Lisa Rinna. She seems like so much fun.

Every time Dorit talks, I can’t help but think about how people call her out for faking her accent (considering she grew up in Connecticut).

I feel like Dorit is an Erika wannabe. She tries to wear these extreme and unique outfits just like Erika does but the only difference is that Erika never looks… stupid. She looks like she is wearing pajamas in the middle of a casino with a headband that looks it is meant for the karate kid.

A ferris wheel with a full bar and a personal bartender? YES PLEASE.

Ew Dortit’s digs are so immature and phony. If you have something to say to Rinna, just say it.

I just want to changed Dorit’s name to Toilet because she’s full of shit.

Rinna is handling this confrontation really well. She’s right… she can’t force Dorit to like her or feel comfortable around her.

I’m definitely a little confused why Kyle is bringing up the hike but I’m glad they talked and it’s over with and I’m happy husbands are standing up for their wives.

Ew I’m not loving how Erika is acting right now at the table and I can see why Teddi is calling her a “cool girl.”

Sadly, this is the only Real Housewives ep that aired this week 😦 But that just means there is more drama to look forward to for next week!

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