Bach Chats 1/1/18

I’m not as excited for this season because I don’t know Arie since I didn’t want Emily’s season. Would I have rather seen Peter or Chase or Luke as the next Bachelor? Yes. However, I am still a huge (recent) fan of the franchise so I’m not at all worried being fully invested.

Best entrances:

Bekah – Drove up in the classic car

Ashley – So cute that she arrived with a racing flag!

Tia – Wiener joke was so bad that it was actually good

Annaleise – I liked the bandit joke and Arie was very touchy with her

Maquel – Racecar entrance was definitely most memorable

Worst entrances:

Ali – Wtf she asked him to sniff her armpits…….

Brittany T. – Butchered her Dutch greeting

Amber – Talked about all the naked men she has seen

Favs so far:

Krystal – her entrance was kind of odd with making him pause and appreciate but I like her

Annaleise – I really really like her and I love that she kept her mask on until they talked again

Caroline – I just feel good vibes from her

Least favs so far:

Chelsea – She seems rude, aggressive, and kind of like a mean girl

Jenna – I think she might have been drunk because she was just talking in circles. She also touched his feet and that’s gross

First impression rose:

NOOOOO I didn’t want Chelsea to have it. I was really cheering for Annaleise to get it.

Rose ceremony:

I always wonder how the Bachelor/Bachelorette can remember everyone’s names on the first night. Someone has to be telling them names through an ear piece. There is no way they can remember all thirty names

Yay Krystal got a rose!

Yay Bekah got a rose!

I’m glad Lauren S. got a rose, she has potential


Bibiana?? Why do I not remember seeing her at all


I’m surprised Jenna got a rose

Yay I’m glad Tia got a rose! I love Raven so I feel like I will definitely like her

Ew Maquel rolled her eyes when he gave her the last rose… Undeserving

I wish Jessica got a rose but hey, ya can’t win them all. And armpit girl got sent home so that was a good call on his part.

I’m very excited for this season! Arie seems like a good guy. I already like him more than I liked Nick. So far Caroline and Annaleise are my favorites and I’m pissed Chelsea got the first impression rose. Also low-key wondering how many girls are just here to become Instagram famous…

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