It’s going to be a good year


Last year was my first time going abroad and now traveling is a constant urge of mine. I went to England, France, Italy, Greece, and Canada. This year, I would love to make it to Ireland because that is next on my list. I also really want to explore our country more. I have never been to Vermont or Maine and since I don’t plan on living in New England forever, I really hope to get up there this year. Aside from the few closer states, I really want to make it to Chicago, Nashville, or both. Lastly, I really want to spend next Christmas with my family on a cruise to a tropical island. My mom has been to the Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Aruba so it would be cool to explore one of the Saints.

Live healthier

I want to really focus on living a healthier lifestyle. I want to drink more water. I want to not eat after 7:00pm. I want to be more cautious of what I am putting into my body. I want to walk more. I want to pack meals for myself instead of ordering food. This is the youngest I am ever going to be so I really want to be as healthy as possible.

Get tatted

I may or may not have promised my mom that my first tattoo would be my last. But it is true when they say that once you get one, you really want another. I really want to get one (or two) more. Lately, the Modest Mouse lyrics “And we’ll all float on okay” have been stuck with me so I really want to get a “float on” tattoo. My possible third one is TBD but I know I definitely want to incorporate a hamsa hand and an evil eye.

Begin a career

Never would I have ever thought that I would be eight months out from graduation without a steady career. Although I am grateful that my job of five and a half years took me back with open arms, I really wish I had consistent hours, benefits, and was using all the experience I acquired during college. I cannot help but sometimes feel as if I am wasting my degree. I am really happy at my job but it is just not where I pictured myself at this point in my life. I want to be using my skill sets, learning, and gaining new experiences. I have turned down several opportunities in hopes that I will find an environment where I can reach my fullest potential. P.S. If you’re hiring, lmk.

Save money

I have never been too good at saving money. I wish I had a better sense of financial responsibility. This year, I want to be more frugal, only buy stuff I actually need, and take conscious steps to increase my savings. It won’t be easy considering I just bought a car and I’m drowning in student loans but since I’m living rent free (thx Mom), I should be able to put some money away.

Check more items off my bucket list

Last year, I checked “Visit Niagara Falls” off my bucket list and it was one of the coolest places I have ever been. This year, I really want to go skydiving. Once the weather is warmer, I’m going to convince my brother to go with me. Getting to Chicago or Nashville would also help me cross some stuff of my list.


2017 was not very kind to me so I am hopeful about the year ahead. I hope it brings change, good vibes, and lots of laughter. I hope everything happens the way it is supposed to happen and I really believe it will. Oprah said in her book, The Wisdom of Sundays, that we can only control two things: How we prepare for what might happen and how we respond to what just happened. These are the only two things in our control and the only two things I plan on worrying about. If things don’t happen to go the way I want them to, I plan on responding by finding the silver lining.

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