Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 12/31/17

Vanderpump Rules

Tom and Tom better do whatever they can to make this restaurant happen.

HAHA this is like an episode of Shark Tank.

Omg me and Schwartz are twins.

“You’re not that devastated.” – Jax. You just cheated on this poor girl and you want to tell her that she’s not devastated?! WOW.

Lala wearing a dress with her own face on it… love it.

Katie should not be talking about Lala’s boyfriend. Sometimes she just says the worst things at the worst times.

I don’t know if I believe that Schwartz made out with another girl.

Stassi is so lucky to have LVP as a mentor.

I love that Ariana is having a talk with Schwartz. Their friendship is nice and I still love that she was a groomsman in his wedding.

Ugh he seems kind of guilty and I’m sad.

I still can’t believe Jax and James are friends now.

As much as I dislike Katie, I hope her and Schwartz get past this.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

V thankful there is no Eden this season.

I love this friendship forming between Rinna and Teddi.

I think I need to add going to one of LVP’s restaurants to my bucket list.

Omg this kid calling Erika a bad guy right now… AWKWARD. There is no way he didn’t hear it from Dorit.

LVP is such an instigator!

It is so sad to hear Erika’s story about her dad.

Omg wtf LVP is only three years older than Rinna? I seriously thought LVP was in her mid 60s. Rinna looks WAY better than her.

Dorit is so extra and I cannot take it.

I’m also over LVP taking so many digs at Rinna. We get it. She messed up. Leave her alone!

$18,000 FOR PLATES?!??!?!?!?!

Really PK? You’re complaining about your cone-headed baby after Teddi’s IVF story… I can’t stand PK.

Ew Dorit and PK destroying Rinna in front of Teddi and her husband is so immature.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Margaret is really growing on me but maybe because I just cannot stand Danielle so Danielle makes Margaret look less crazy.

I cannot believe Joe still hasn’t apologized to Teresa or taken any responsibility. Swallow your freakin pride and admit you messed up.

Teresa is HOT.

Ugh Frank Jr. is such a hottie.

I love when exes are friends. Margaret and her ex husband are cute as are Frank and Dolores.

I cannot believe Teresa is on her way to apologize to Danielle’s daughters. That is so awesome.

Ouch. Christine not wanting to speak to Teresa? Damn.

I have to say… Danielle’s daughters were not always this gorgeous. At one point I was a little worried during their awkward stages but now they are BEAUTIFUL.

This conversation is so brutal.

As much as I dislike Danielle, I think Teresa apologizing is so important.

This family restaurant idea was not a good one.

Melissa hair extensions are disappointing.

It is so rude that Siggy isn’t introducing herself to Margaret’s mom.

Danielle is always dressed like a hooker.

The amount of growth and change I have seen in Teresa is absolutely astonishing. I love who she is as a product of everything she is going through. Namaste bitches.

Ew Siggy. She refused to even say hi to Margaret let alone meet her mom. One word: petty.

Next week is the season finale?!?! ALREADY?!?! I feel like this season just started 😦


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