Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 1/7/18

Quote of the Week:

“The only rule in my house is that everyone needs to be drunk.”
– Brittany, Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules

Katie did look absolutely stunning at her wedding.


Ew Jax just kissed Brittany on the cheek. Does this mean they are staying together? Lame

I’m shocked Lisa let Lala come back to Sur.

Lala and Katie talking right now is going way smoother than I expected.

A house warming party!?! Is Brittany nuts?!

Rob definitely has his shit together. #Goals

Scheana’s nails… idk how she wipes her butt.

Lala seems like the type of friend who makes you feel really confident about yourself and I love that about her.

It makes me feel so sad that Ariana is insecure because she is absolutely beautiful and has so many great qualities from her badass-ness to her honesty.

Schwartz really does need to grow up. He might not listen to Katie when she says that, but I really think he will listen to Lisa.

I understand Scheana doesn’t want this information but her reaction is totally weird. This rumor is not Katie’s fault… Maybe check with your boyfriend. So defensive for no reason. Brittany and Kristen were just trying to soften the blow in case Scheana happens to hear it from someone else. If that’s not being a good friend, idk what is.

Omg a toilet paper cake?!?! YESSSSSSSS.

As much as I despise that Jax and Brittany are staying together, it is really cool to see everyone get along and enjoy each other’s company.

I also think Ariana’s brother is such a cutie.

Scheana is living in fantasy land with Rob. Like hello you are not even divorced yet just chill and figure out who you are as a single woman.

I spoke too soon about everyone getting along. The way he speaks to Brittany is disgusting. She is literally telling him she loves him and he is condescendingly clapping in her face.

Wait are Ariana and Lala wearing the same jacket?!

AUDIO?!?!?! OF JAX AND FAITH? Ohhhhh boy.

I hope Brittany realizes sooner rather than later that she is in a toxic relationship.

Omg they’re having her listen right now?! Ahh.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Teddi is so hot.

Thank you Teddi for noticing all of Dorit’s digs about Rinna.

Ew Dorit ughhhhhh such a diva I cannot handle it.

I wish I was hanging with Rinna and Erika. They seem like they’re having so much fun just strolling about Tokyo.

Dorit absolutely owes Rinna an apology about basically calling her a drug addict.

Maybe Erika’s 25 year old son would wanna date me.

Dorit doesn’t know what “casual” means. AND SHE’S SUCH A DIVA. Asking for fans?! So so so so so rude.

Camille’s bf David looks just like David Foster.

LVP might be jealous of Dorit and Kyle being friends but I just don’t understand why Kyle wants to be Dorit’s friends in the first place.

Omg Teddi being annoyed by Dorit? Teddi is me.

Dorit is out of control holy moley.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

I am so sad that this is the season finale. I feel like it was the shortest season ever.

I have to say, Margaret has really grown on me.

Teresa seriously has never looked better. She is a dime.

Good for Teresa for admitting that she wants an apology from Joe. She deserves one.

HA a bowling alley. Love it and I love the Catania family.

I cannot believe Joe apologized.

Teresa is so rational these days, I love it.

Omg Josh’s prom date looks STUNNING. I wish prom dresses looked like that when I was in high school. Ugh and her hair in a sleek pony tail HOW.

Studio 54 is such a cool party theme.

Hahah this horse entrance is so extra.

Omg Danielle shut up. Of course she didn’t fall on purpose… She is cray but not that cray.

It definitely is a little weird that Siggy didn’t text Margaret but they’re not even friends so it’s not that weird.

Omg Siggy showing up still?!?!! Ballllsssss. Is she showing up for attention or to actually mend things with Margaret?

“I don’t wanna be friends” wtf Siggy then why are you there? Ew Siggy omg what the helllllllll. She’s being such a mean girl.

She doesn’t wanna be a phony? What the heck girl. Showing up to a party for a person you don’t wanna be friends with is phony.

Teresa leaving with Siggy? I’m shocked but I respect it.

The group is definitely divided so I’m interested to see how the reunion will go.


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