Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 1/14/18

Quote of the Week:

“Don’t get off that couch.” – Andy Cohen

Vanderpump Rules

Jax is the most disgusting guy on this planet and I cannot believe Brittany takes him back.

Ew James please stop.


You know shit is getting real with Ariana and Kristen go off together.

I can’t believe Tom is taking Jax’s side and is saying Ariana was out of line. Ariana’s judgment is not the problem.

Not that Jax isn’t a pig… and I’m glad the recording exists… but why was Faith recording him to begin with?

Jax blaming Brittany is so wrong.

Lala is the best. “Love each other. Come on.”

Tom telling Ariana to take responsibility for her actions? Maybe instead of yelling that at his girlfriend he should be yelling at his best friend Jax.

Patrick is v cute.

I really love Lala’s voice.

I had no idea Sandoval could play the trumpet. I can’t tell if it’s good or bad.

When will Jax ever learn that cheating isn’t cool…

I hate to admit it but James is actually pretty talented.

I respect that Scheana is always so straight up.

Gosh Katie sucks.

Aw James telling LVP how thankful he is! Love it love it.

Haha Sandoval is right. If you want people to stop talking about Rob, stop bringing him up Scheana!

Omg this poor Jen girl…

Aw Ariana and Tom are too cute. What a beautiful, civil apology.

Brittany is crazy. I love her but I cannot believe she is dumb enough to take Jax back. She is young and beautiful and smart and would easily be able to start over with someone who appreciates her. And doesn’t cheat on her.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

If I was Teddi, I would’ve left! Heck no would I wait that long for someone… especially Dorit.

Ew Dorit stop. Teddi doesn’t need your friendship anyway. So disrespectful to not even notice the time. Poor excuse.

Aw I love Rinna’s impression of Regis.

I love Kyle and Erika’s friendship. So chill. No drama. No materialistic stuff. Just two real people having real conversations.

Erika and her husband are 32 years apart… That makes me feel better.

Yeah idk why Dorit would even tell Kyle how late she was. And lied.

Rinna looks nuts wiping everything down in the hotel room but it is actually super smart. I would never think to do that because germs don’t bother me but if I was to do that, a hotel room is as reasonable as it gets.


But you were still late Dorit… doesn’t matter how late you were. You were still late and it’s still rude.

My boy Mauricio living up to “Grow or go.”

As much as I can’t stand Dorit, it is nice to see how supportive she is towards Kyle.

I love that Camille is making more appearances this season.

Is LVP trying to say that Kyle shouldn’t be getting so upset with Dorit? I think she is a little jealous that Kyle opened up with someone other than her. Hmm…

Dorit is “a bit” self-absorbed?!?! That is kind of you, Camille.

I’m glad LVP is sticking up for Camille and making Dorit feel bad about calling Camille the c word.

Oh no. Rinna bringing up this Ken stuff. This is not going to be good. Those lips never stop getting her in trouble.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Hell yeah I love a good reunion.

I love that Teresa and Melissa are on such good terms.

Wth is with Siggy’s dress?

Dolores’ boobs look like they are suffocating.

Haha typical Ramona.

Looking back, Siggy just can’t let things go. I don’t love Margaret but she did apologize multiple times and Siggy still couldn’t get over it.

I don’t think Margaret was too hard on Siggy at all. Siggy is just too soft.

Melissa’s blush is very pink.

Siggy never lets people speak but makes sure everyone hears her.

Danielle’s hair looks so much better!!

In the Gorga’s restaurant bathroom?! Gross Danielle. Gross.

The stupid cake. I still think it is absolutely hilarious that they threw it.

Siggy is dramatic.

Ew Siggy is so immature and passive aggressive.

Siggy owes Melissa an apology for humiliating her and she can’t even do that.

Melissa is right. This season was a whole different Siggy.

“I apologize if you were embarrassed” THAT’S NOT A REAL APOLOGY.

Siggy, no one is jealous of you.

Everyone is allowed to be friends with whoever they want.

I can’t believe they are bringing out Kim D.

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