Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 1/21/18

Vanderpump Rules

Hahah watching the guys at Reiki right now is hilarious.

Ah Jax is crying! Jax has emotion omg.

Scheana and Katie are equally annoying about this whole makeout thing,

Ew drunk James is so awful. Basically, like a werewolf just like Lala said.

Enough with the pasta.

All Scheana does is try and convince people that she is happy and that Rob is perfect. It’s exhausting. What are you trying to prove?

Lala is hot.

Sandoval cares more about his appearance than Ariana.

Scheana is so extra this episode.

I’ve always thought James could be gay…

Poor Raquel.

Logan definitely has a thing for James.

I admire Scheana’s positivity but it usually seems so forced and she always seems like she is in denial in a way. She cares so much about what other people think; it’s insane.

HAHAH Jax’s face when Brittany’s mom walked in. Kristen is such a good friend for flying her out there.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I’m really excited about Kyle’s TV show.

Dorit and Erika hanging out is freaking me out.

Harry and Rinna are the cutest.

HAHA Kyle’s imitation of Dorit is perfect.

It actually annoys me how much Dorit changes her hair.

Ugh DORIT just apologize about being late. Take notes from Rinna and OWN IT.

Dorit definitely shouldn’t have talked to Kyle and LVP about it. It wasn’t a big deal until she made it a big deal.

Ew and the comment about the glass that she just had to throw in there. So rude. So high maintenance.

PK is turning 50 yet they want another kid?? Hmmm…

Kyle always has the best sunglasses.

Omg can we please stop talking about Dorit being late? It’s like RHONJ with the damn cake.

I’m glad Dorit apologized to Camille but Camille is right for being skeptical about befriending her.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Kim D. is the worst.

I understand completely why Siggy and Dolores walked in the fashion show and the other girls just need to get over it.

Navy is def the color of the night.

Kim is the queen of pot stirring.

We haven’t seen this side of Teresa is so long that I’m actually kind of scared.

I’m getting a headache from all of this yelling.

Siggy and her husband are very cute.

There is no hope for Siggy and Margaret and I’m fine with it.

I would take Dolores’ side over Danielle’s side any day. Danielle cannot be trusted.

The whole reunion hasn’t been about Danielle at all so now she has to make it the Danielle show. Dramatic.

I love that Siggy said that Margaret never holds herself accountable yet that is Siggy biggest problem.

So much yelling I cannot wait for this reunion to be over.

HAHA Andy always ends the reunions perfectly. This time…with cake!



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