Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 1/28/18

Vanderpump Rules

I really like that Katie and Lala are talking it out. I definitely prefer Lala but I’ll give Katie some credit for squashing the beef.

Ugh I love Peter. He’s the cutest.

Holy crap Scheana CHILL OUT.

Brittany is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. I also just really want her hair.

I could kind of see Peter and Stassi together again.

I love how mellow Carter makes Kristen. She’s been less crazy since she has been with him. He’s also v cute.

HAHA Schwartz calling Scheana the fakest person in the room… true.

Ew I don’t know what is wrong with Scheana! I think her life is so insecure right now and she just lashes out at people.

I don’t think Katie is trying to better herself…

I want to be good at tennis.

Lala without makeup. HOW ARE YOU SO PRETTY.

Logan definitely gets jealous of Raquel.

Ahhhhh I wonder if they are sleeping together.

Hahaha idk why watching the guys workout makes me laugh.

It was so sweet that Kristen flew Brittany’s mom and sister out. Every girl needs her mom…especially after she gets cheated on.

WeHo seems like a really cool place and I really wanna visit there.

It is cute that Jax took them to dinner. Redemption time.

It is strange that Brittany’s fam is forgiving Jax right now..???

Aw omg Logan is in love with him. That’s so cute but so sad.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

These girls are always shopping! I guess when you’re rich and live in LA, there’s not much else to do.

Omg Erika is Pretty Woman!

Aw Teddi and LVP horsin’ around is cute.

Dorit just needs to chill out. Take a deep breath, take it down a notch, and chill.

I don’t think Teddi is tightly wound at all.

Teddi’s hair is awesome.

Dorit is going to perform? That scares me.

I’m surprised Camille showed up to the party.

I wonder what PK stands for. Is the K for Kemsley?

Ugh I’m dreading Dorit’s performance…

I mean I guess there’s no better person to get performance advice from than Erika.

Good for Dorit… it’s only a little awkward.

It is cute how much Dorit and PK adore each other. Even though I don’t adore them much.

Ugh Dorit enough with the wine glass thing.

For real. Dorit and Teddi are different. Get over it, Dorit.

The way Dorit reacts to stuff is so dramatic and over the top.

Calling Teddi a psycho?!?! That’s so rude. You are psycho, Dorit!

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