Bach Chats 2/5/18

Krystal looks like a Sandy wannabe. Girl this is Paris, not Australia.

Reminds me of my boat ride down the Seine River ❤ ❤

Krystal is def on the two-on-one. Probably with Tia or Bekah.

I think Lauren is a random choice but maybe because I just don’t feel the chemistry with them.

Looking at the girls and how dressed up they are every day is exhausting. Curled hair. Fake eye lashes. High heels. Looking at them and thinking about all the effort they put in every day makes me tired.

THIS ONE-ON-ONE IS SO AWKWARD. “Look how pretty.” “Wow.” “So pretty.” “Wow. Yeah.” Boooorrrrriiiiiinnnnngggggg. Why aren’t you talking gf

Ew Krystal gooodbyeee get over yourself.

Lauren and Arie’s conversations are so bland. Blah blah blah.

Omg Arie is getting so deep with her and she’s giving nothing back.

It is so sad that him and his girlfriend lost their baby.

Lauren just seems so scared.

Ew Arie what the heck why are you giving her a rose. She gave you nothing all day. It’s like giving your rose to a brick wall.

We almost went to Moulin Rouge when we were in Paris!

Bekah has a great personality.

Jenna just called Arie the “most gorgeous man alive” and I do not agree.

HA I love Tia.

I think Becca or Bekah will get the rose if it’s based on performance.

I feel the connection between Tia and Arie.

Chelsea is on the group date??? Woops she’s been blending into the background.

I’m over Lauren, Jenna, Jacqueline, Chelsea, and Krystal.

I knew Bekah would get the rose!

Omg all the other girls look so pissed.

The girls should feel insecure about Arie and Bekah’s connection.

Also she looks so good in that blonde wig.

Kendall vs. Krystal… KENDALL BETTER WIN.


Being on a two-on-one is like my worst nightmare. But also being on a show where me and 20 other girls are dating the same guy is also my worst nightmare.

Krystal moans whenever she hugs Arie.

Idk what Arie sees in Krystal.

Also why is Krystal spending her time with Arie talking about Kendall. That’s so annoying. Who are you to say Kendall isn’t emotionally ready.

I honestly don’t care whether Kendall stays or leaves but Krystal has G2G.

Kendall is right. It’s all about winning for Krystal.

Krystal is a mean girl. Not like a mean girl who has her little tribe of minions. Like one of those mean girls who has no friends.

This is so interesting that Kendall is approaching Krystal like this. She really does have a way with words.

Yet Krystal is unappreciative.

OMG HECK YEAH ARIE. No rose yet. It was the perfect move to make Krystal uncomfortable.

Kendall has nice hair.

I don’t think what Kendall said came off as patronizing.

Krystal is delusional.

I’d rather neither of them get a rose than Krystal get it.


Ha getting dumped with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Suckssssssss

Jacqueline also has nice hair.

Hmm Jacqueline might be growing on me. She’s kinda sophisticated.

Yay I’m glad she’s getting a rose!

Rose ceremony reactions:


Seinne – kinda surprised because I don’t feel their connection as much anymore

Omg it’s down to Becca, Jenna, and Chelsea! I hope Becca gets it…


Now Lauren has got to go. She can’t handle this.

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