Unofficial ranking of Kardashian offspring names

Most people would agree that Kris Jenner’s offspring’s offspring have some pretty crazy names. Some are pretty standard, some are pretty out there, some are pretty freakin creative, and believe it or not, none of them begin with “K.” The Kardashian empire continues to grow and continues to be comparable to American royalty.  Here is my unofficial ranking of the names of the next royal generation:

8. Stormi

I had high hopes for this one and I’m very disappointed, especially because we didn’t really know if Kylie was pregnant or not. I’m just going to say what we are all thinking… Stormi Webster: a stripper’s name. It may grow on me but I am not hopeful. Especially with keeping her secret for so long, I thought Kylie would go with something more symbolic but hey, maybe Stormi is a name that means a lot to her.

7. Dream

Dream was my least favorite until yesterday when Stormi was revealed. The name Dream is more like a nightmare. That poor girl.

6. Mason

There is nothing wrong with the name Mason but I think it is the most basic among all of the grandchildren which is why it lands so far down on the list. I think it was a great choice for the first grandchild because it laid a conventional foundation for the rest of the unconventional names.

5. Saint

I’m not a huge fan of Saint but I think it’s more creative than Mason and I like it more than Dream and Stormi so that is how it ended up fifth on this list. I’m not religious so I just don’t really have an opinion on the meaning behind the name. Also, Pete Wentz named his son Saint a year before Kim and Kanye used it so the shock factor was not really there when I heard the name of their first born son.

4. North

I very much disliked North when they first announced her name. I thought “How could they do that to her? North West? Really?” But I was too naive to appreciate how freakin genius it is. If anyone can name their child a direction and it be acceptable, it’s Kim and Kanye. And they call her Nori. So precious.

3. Reign

I have been in love with this name since the day he was born. It is so strong yet so simple; masculine yet so innocent. I love it so much. It is the one name out of all eight names that I would actually consider for my own hypothetical offspring.

2. Penelope

I am a huge fan of Penelope. I think Kourtney and Scott choosing this name really made it trendy. It is rare but not insane so I think it’s popularity skyrocketed once P was born. It can definitely be a mouthful but the nickname “P” is super cute.

1. Chicago

I love Chicago. I love that Kim and Kanye continue to think outside the box when it comes to naming their offspring. I love that Chicago pays homage to Kanye’s roots. I love that they plan on calling her “Chi.” Chi West. It’s perfect. People name their kids after cities all the time: London, Paris, Brooklyn, Aspen, Camden, Sydney, etc. Chicago is uncommon enough to stand out but it is not completely baffling that they chose to name their daughter after a city. I love it.


To say that I am excited to learn what KoKo is naming her little one is a giant understatement. I cannot wait until that little peanut is born because if anyone deserves a happy, healthy little fam, it’s Khloe. I just wonder where her offspring’s name will fall within my ranking. Hopefully, it lands in first place but Chicago West is definitely going to be hard to beat.




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