How I true-ly feel about Khloe’s baby’s name

Back in February, I wrote a blog titled the “Unofficial ranking of Kardashian offspring names” right after little Stormi was born. At the time, we were all patiently awaiting the arrival of Khloe’s firstborn and curious about what she would be named. The wait was finally over when the newest Kardashian grandchild entered the world on April 12 and her name, True Thompson, was announced by her mama four days later.

I have waited this long to reflect on her name because I really wanted to let it sink in. I knew right away that I loved the alliteration (almost as much as Kris loves alliteration) but I didn’t love True right away. Then, Kris hit us with the fun fact that her grandfather’s name was True and that her father’s middle name was True. As soon as I heard that, the name totally earned some brownie points.

As of right now, I think I really like the name. It is simple and cute and I totally prefer it over Stormi and Dream. I would definitely have to rearrange my unofficial ranking and throw True in between Saint and North. I like it more than Saint but I don’t love it as much as I love North and it in no way comes close to how much I love Chicago. Until further notice, Kim will stay at the top the of leader board when it comes to how I feel about the names of her children and her nieces and nephews.

Even though I am not obsessed with the name True, I am sooo happy for Khloe. Despite this cheating scandal involving her baby daddy, Tristan, I know True is surrounded by super strong women and will always be showered with unconditional love.

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