Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 4/29/18

Vanderpump Rules

I love that Brittany is kicking Jax out of the apartment.

I hate that I know that they are still together and that Brittany doesn’t stick to anything she says.

I really hope Ken and Lisa fire Jax.

I am PUMPed for Tom Tom to open.

Hahah I love that the WAGs showed up together because I really want them to be friends.

*Prompt the Jaws music for Jax’s entrance*

Frozen shots? Genius.

Idk what is up with Sandoval’s style but these “uniforms”… please no.

Rob totally ignoring Scheana is actually so sad. She’s in total denial.

I have said it before and I will say it again… I love LVP’s support for Lala.

I love that Jax has no part of Tom Tom.

So James is back at Sur. Now it’s time to get rid of Jax.

Patrick is making a horrible first impression!!!

Tom and Tom have Tom Tom, Stassi has event planning, Ariana has her cocktail book, Katie has Pucker and Pout, Scheana is a “pop star,” Jax, Brittany, and James have Sur… but what exactly does Kristen do?

“Stop acting like you’re taking care of me.” YAS BRITT.

This follow up Patrick/Stassi/LVP convo is very awkward. I don’t know why he keeps talking about LVP’s behind.

WHY DID STASSI JUST APOLOGIZE?????? WHAT THE HECK. He is completely ruining her night yet she is apologizing. Did I miss something??

Please fire him, Lisa.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Erika is so frosty during this reunion. I don’t like it.

The break-in at Kyle’s new house is devastating. I cannot imagine being wiped of everything I owned except what I had with me.

That was so nice of LVP to send Kyle a bag to begin her new collection.

Dorit is apologizing to Rinna? That is amazing. And admirable. It took long enough but it was admirable that she acknowledged her lack of acknowledging Rinna’s feelings on the wheel.

I disagree, LVP. The more I get to know PK, the more I dislike him.

Sequins are the theme of this reunion and clearly Kyle, Teddi, and Dorit didn’t get the memo.

Camille was the most hated housewife at some point? That is crazy. She is the best.

Dorit absolutely can dish it out (the panties) but can’t take it (the ball gag).

Camille is right, timing is a poor excuse to not be able to handle the funny gift. And that is what is was… funny.

I love that Rinna can laugh off what Teddi said and it is cool that Teddi owned that she messed up.

I don’t think Teddi and Dorit are alike at all.

The flaws that Dorit sees in Teddi are invisible to me. Maybe Teddi makes Dorit insecure and that is why she is constantly poking at her.

Dorit and the glass. She didn’t admit that she could have handled it differently until LVP said that.

Dorit is always trying to “help people understand” yet she is one who doesn’t understand or own up to anything.

Dorit you are a deflector!!

Yes Kyle. Agreed! Teddi is consistent.

Dorit you are the queen of re-hashing things!!!!! Not Teddi. You are such a hypocrite.

Aw, this apology sesh with Dorit and Camille is so sincere!

It is shitty that LVP took Dorit’s face out of the magazine but I would have done the same thing because Dorit was such a diva. However, I definitely would have gave Dorit a heads up that it was heads off.

Real Housewives of New York City

This apartment is crazy beautiful and it’s not even done.

Let’s take a shot for every time Tinsley says “girlfriend boyfriend.”

Carole is such a cougar I love it.

I wish I had a FWB.

I want a pair of Skinnygirl jeans ASAP.

How do any of these ladies, besides Bethenny, make money? None of them even have husbands to support them. Spousal support?

Wait, why are Lu and Carole meeting up with no one else? They’re not real friends.

I like that they are talking but Lu is disregarding what upsets Carole and that is annoying.

It’s not tit for tat. Carole is making sense and Lu cannot admit she was wrong about her comments about Adam.

Oh hey Scott.

Do we know why they broke up?

“Playing it cool.” HAHAHAH

Okay, Tins, you’re a little cray cray…

So they’re back together?

Typical Ramona being oblivious to the insensitivity of inviting Missy.

Lu is way hotter than Missy.


Ramona is the queen of over-enunciating.

Why isn’t Bethenny here?

So much cheetah, Sonja.

Omg Sonja and Ramona are like two middle schoolers fighting on the playground.

Honestly, I don’t think I’d be able to be friends with either of them.

Not many people could pull off Dorinda’s sleeked-back hair look, but she rocks it. Rocks it like a rock star. Super punk, super P!nk.

I like Sonja is totally going through something.

I’m kinda surprised that Bethenny is the only one really giving her the time of day.


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