Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 5/6/18

Vanderpump Rules

Jax and Brittany are together 😦 😦 😦 #notcool

Bye bye Patrick!!!!!!

And Stassi has a new boyfriend!!!

Rob left Scheana? Not surprised.

As much as I really didn’t think Jax would ever cheat on Brittany, I am not at all surprised that he did.


Ummm but your trumpet-playing is bad, Sandoval.

People cannot handle Lala’s honesty.

Omg Ariana told Stassi she looked amazing!!! I love that. And she also said that Patrick was disgusting. So true.

Ew Patrick is so arrogant.

All the girls look beautiful btw. Ariana looking extra hot like always.


Of course Stassi went to Jax’s dad’s funeral. I love that support.

Brittany is the best. Jax better finally now know how lucky he is.

Schwartz is the cutest.

No formal contract? I mean I totally trust LVP but really?

Sandoval is always so shiny.

YAAASSS Lala. I am totally on your side about not putting effort into something where no effort is being returned.

Aw I love that Scheana just credited Shay.

Definitely unfair that Rob humiliated Scheana.

I don’t love Scheana but basically Rob is a scumbag. It is no secret that she put her best effort into her relationship and all she was to him was a doormat.

Jax freaking out right now is not proving that he has changed.

Ariana is the best. I wanna be her friend. I wanna be friends with Brittany and Lala too.

Omg Jax shut up. Don’t go at her for her relationships. You wouldn’t even be in a relationship if you weren’t dating a literal angel.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I like that LVP and Teddi are friends.

I agree that Dorit is not accurate in her recollections. She can never remember what she says because she talks sooooo much.

HAHAHA when Erika almost got hit by a bike…

Ugh this Nannie Kay thing…

I really don’t like that LVP is calling Kyle out for 90% of their convos being about Kyle BUT I can relate so hard. I am the LVP of all my friends because I don’t really ever open up and I just listen. I like being that friend just like LVP likes being that friend. It can totally get annoying though. It can get draining.

I don’t know how Kyle’s sisters don’t talk to her. She is so cool! It is awful that they are not supportive of her adventures. They should be flattered that Kyle finds inspiration in her life.

I think Dorit is way too focused on labels., especially the “best” label and the “friend” label.

LVP’s wedding ring blinds me every RHOBH and VPR episode.

I think Erika is wrong when she says it is way too hard to be friends with Teddi.

Erika was extra cold this season. Basically a tundra.

Idk why people are questioning the word choice “pretend amnesia.” She clearly pulled it out of nowhere.

I don’t even know how to react to Teddi and Erika right now.

I don’t think Teddi is calculating.

I do kinda agree that Teddi might feel weak among these girls. Rise up or get out.

Erika is being mean.

Erika is aggressive. And she won’t admit it. And she won’t apologize. It is not about if you agree or not on your behavior Erika… you hurt someone’s feelings and you should apologize.

Teddi is not being too sensitive. Erika is being too harsh. Absolutely.

I am so over the beach house thing.

I agree, Rinna. Who cares!!!!

And who cares that her assistant was at the hotel!!!!

I don’t think it’s embarrassing that Erika had her period. Wtf.

Erika doesn’t know how to let her guard down.

Wait, I didn’t know Teddi bad-mouthed Erika on her blog… Yeah writing is cathartic but it does not have to be published.

I think Teddi wants Erika to be accountable (haha because she’s an accountability coach) and Erika right now is not being accountable. She is deflecting and telling her “that’s your problem, not my problem” instead of apologizing for hurting Teddi’s feeling.

Girl, you haven’t taken any ownership!!! Andy just took the words right out of my blog.

I think Teddi and Erika will be friends next season.

Ugh, I high key hope Dorit doesn’t come back next season but I know that won’t happen.

I will not being giving Dorit another chance despite LVP’s advice. Thank you very much though for the suggestion.

Real Housewives of New York City

I think it was totally respectful for Adam to call Carole but I understand why she was pissed.

Sonja’s house is so extra.

$32,000 A MONTH?!?!!? HOLY MOLY.

I love that Bethenny invited Dorinda to Puerto Rico.

Bethenny is such a freakin badass and everything she did for Puerto Rico is so incredibly awesome.

I love when Lu wears her hair up.

I also love that Lu doesn’t regret her divorce. Bad experiences are still experiences and every experience is a learning opportunity.

Wait how is Dorinda already drunk??!!?

Ahhh this is so embarrassing.

I really love chopsticks. I think I would totally use chopsticks to eat every meal if I could.

I would be so pissed if I was Bethenny at this dinner rn.

It is awesome that she feels compassion for Dorinda.

Sonja is a mess.

This photographer is making her house look so much nicer than it is.

Drunk Dorinda is very scary.

I wouldn’t call her a drunk.

Dorinda is lonely and it is sad. She is unfulfilled.

I don’t like John at all so I would love to see her with someone else.


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