Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 2/4/18

Vanderpump Rules

It’s so wild that Schwartz has triplet brothers. I don’t know any triplets.

I’m surprised Stassi is crying right now. She normally doesn’t let anyone affect her with silly things like that.

I’m excited to get to know Billie more.

Idk if Sandoval would be the person I’d go to for fashion advice. I’ve never looked at him and thought “wow, he has great fashion sense.” I mean he doesn’t dress badly but he’s no icon.

Ariana and Stassi would be such a power couple if they would just be friends.

Ugh I would love to have Stassi’s job. Working for LVP is a dream.

EW when Dorit makes a Pump Rules appearance…

What the heck Jax.

Ha Brittany showed up without him. She rocks.

Brittany is an angel. Jax is just not good enough for her.

Lala is always down to get along with everyone and I love it.


Omg Kevin how rude!!! I cannot believe he said that to Katie. That is so so so so rude. If someone ever said that to me, I would be so devastated.

Holy… I had no idea about Katie’s accident. I always wondered about her scar but I never knew how it got there. It is so awesome that she has such a great perspective on her accident and on life. Bye Kevin Lee.

I love the placement of all of Kristen’s arm tattoos.

I think Katie looks great.

I think it’s awesome that Kristen invited Brittany’s family even if she had ulterior motives.

I think I’m over Scheana. Idk what is with her this season.

Still obsessed with Katie’s cheetah print tattoo.

Schwartz and the triplets don’t really look alike.

Reiki is a little weird but to each their own.

I’ve always thought it was strange that Jax doesn’t go by Jason. “Jax” is definitely a persona.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Very interesting gift Dorit gave PK… figurines are… cool?

HAHA he dropped it.

Shopping… again.

I really enjoy Erika and Rinna’s friendship.

I also don’t really miss Eileen.

It’s rude that Kyle and Dorit are both late. And to not apologize… And Kyle said last episode that anything more than 10 minutes late is rude.

Kyle is wearing an evil eye necklace. Twins.

Kyle is right. It is unfair that Dorit thought Kyle was butting in but Lisa wasn’t. This is a strange three-way friendship.

I cannot stand Dorit. They are attacking her!

WHAT LVP is leaving?!

Kyle isn’t crying over nonsense. Don’t disregard someone else’s feelings.

Dorit is just trouble.

LVP is a coward for leaving. She cannot stand when it’s not all about her. She’s jealous. That’s not a friend.

Okay Dorit don’t make stupid accusations and psychoanalyzing LVP.

I have a feeling this beach trip is going to be a shit show.

Beach House goals.

Okay fine Dorit’s food is a nice gesture.

Look how perfectly casual Teddi is. She reminds me of how my family and I are when we are down the shore. Just chillin. Relaxin.

Oh lawd. She wouldn’t have left if Dorit was crying?!?! LVP come on.

I wouldn’t be mad if Kyle and LVP stopped being friends. I think Kyle thinks she needs LVP’s friendship but she really doesn’t.

Dorit is dressed like she just came straight off the runway and not sitting at a beach campfire.

Ew friendship should not be a competition.

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